Melt Fat With Low-Level Laser Light Therapy

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There are many reasons to be concerned about excess storage of energy in fat cells. Fat deposits full of accumulated toxins—especially belly fat—prevents endocrine and hormonal balance, as fat cells can produce hormonal imbalances and excesses.

I will address the benefits of understanding and applying drainage therapies based on European homotoxicology principles in an upcoming blog post.

The NLAL Lazer system not only begins to melt and shrink fat cell size, but it also can liberate from that fat the toxins that work against fat loss. You can think of it as a concentrated triglyceride meltdown and cell detoxification.

“So while past fat loss methods have focused on internal therapies beginning with diet which is primary, the low-level laser energy affected the adipose cell by causing a transitory pore in the cell membrane to open, which permitted the fat content to go from inside to outside the cell. The cells in the interstitial space and the capillaries remained intact. Low-level laser–assisted lipoplasty has a significant impact on the procedural implementation of lipoplasty techniques.” For more information, please see this white paper Fat Liquefaction: Effect of Low-Level Laser Energy on Adipose Tissue

The NLAL will revolutionize the fat loss clinic and improve body detoxification. For many people with various conditions—but especially auto-immune conditions—I encourage homeopathic drainage and detoxification first. Homeopathy is safe and gentle, and any reaction is not an “immune reaction” but a poorly draining toxin pathway issue. Herbs and vitamins can create allergic or immune reactions in highly sensitive (usually toxic) people so eliminating that factor is just one of the many benefits of a homeopathic approach.

Please feel free to review this quick 2 minute overview on the benefits of the NLAL.

The NLAL sells for $10,000 and is the most effective in the market and has a very good return-on-investment ratio while helping patients lose fat.

Please feel free to call us if you have questions or would like more information on incorporating the NLAL into your medical practice. We provide clinical training, patient and clinic materials and marketing support materials.

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