Exciting NEW Technologies for Neuropathic Pain

Helping patients to reduce or resolve neuropathic pain, neuralgias and radiculopathies is becoming a little easier thanks to some exciting new product technologies available from Anova Health. I will discuss two NEW products and one established regenerative nanoparticle REGULATORY PEPTIDES product that has been a favorite of many of our practitioners for nerve repair. Together these products have a synergystic affect on reducing pain and promoting repair of nerve tissues. There can be many reasons for patients developing neuropathies and we always recommend a thorough Chiropractic or Osteopathic exam as a phaZic 1 category … [Read more...]

Exciting Anti-Aging Technologies

Anti-aging is always an interesting topic. A while back I was introduced to an MLM product touting its anti-aging "HGH" ingredient for whatever ails you. For a mere $120.00 a tube. Lets take a deeper dive into an interesting topic. A further examination into this products label reveals that it is not actually HGH but it is some type of  homeopathic HGH. Nothing wrong with that as homeopathic remedies are very effective but at $120 it is very overpriced. Looking at the total formula we find a few rainforest herbs, chemical stabilizing and antimicrobila agents and which are toxins in larger quantities. All in all I think this product is … [Read more...]

How Healthy Are Our Hearts?

Have you noticed an uptick among your patients and health colleagues experiencing adverse cardiovascular and circulatory health challenges recently? Maybe its just me noticing this type of event more or being personally affected by them more often. Today we will be highlighting the NEW Energique remedies for supporting cardio health and a brief mention of  a TOOL that can help you assess your patients true cardio, stress and heart health status. Americans today are living under many variable and intensifying sources of stress that negatively affect this picture. Job and relationship stress, pollutants, and elevated sugar and … [Read more...]

Energique Has Landed

Anova Health is excited to announce that we are now able to supply you with some exceptional products from one of our favorite direct manufacturing companies. Founded in 1987 Energique has quietly become one of the nation's premerier manufacturers of top drawer natural remedies. They provide an enormous array of over 700 products to help fulfill the promise of a true Bioregulatory Medicine approach. The Energique quality line up of remedies begins with 45 singles and 63 combination state of the art spagyric processed herbal remedies. Please see a more detailed explanation of  the spagyric process vs the standard US herbal … [Read more...]

Announcing Multiscan – An In Office Physiology Assessment Powerhouse

Anova Health is proud to offer Multiscan, a scientifically proven and highly profitable in office scanning technology.  Multiscan can reduce the need for much outside testing.  Multiscan delivers a wealth of data on your patients’ most important physiological functions thereby leading to more judicious uses of outside testing. Today my patients are delivered, on a shiny large screen LCD, living color test panels that inform, captivate and motivate.  For me, the Multiscan has resulted in better patient compliance for longer periods of time  and faster and better outcomes. Discover the technology that incorporates but goes beyond all … [Read more...]

Nutritional Greens for Spring Cleansing

We have been a long time fan of high quality Greens powders that incorporate different ingredients to support multiple body functions. Nutritional powders become popular in the spring with patients who are interested in lightening their dietary intake yet improving their nutrient density. Many patients notice that when nutrient dense powders are included in their diets they don't consume as many calories. We often recommend that patients take less tablets and drink more nutrients when working on weight loss, detoxification or deeper drainage programs. For many reasons, green products are growing in popularity every year and we wish to … [Read more...]

Anova Introduces Douglas Labs

Anova Health is proud to announce the addition of Douglas Labs to our line-up of nutraceutical offerings.  Douglas Labs has been an undisputed leader in product development and formulation of nutritional formulas since 1955. Douglas continues to innovate with its recently released lineup of physician formulated and tested hormone formulas and its Klean Sports formulas line. The addition of Douglas Labs along with our excellent existing nutraceutical lines including DaVinci Labs, Pharmax, Genestra, Metabolic Maintenance, MBi Nutraceuticals and Anova Health proprietary formulas allows us to cover all of your possible needs. Our Additional … [Read more...]

The 1-2 Two Combination Punch for Allergy Season

Allergy season is here again and many of your patients are looking for effective alternatives to pharmaceuticals. A great way to help many patients and spur fall and spring supplement sales is to ask patients if they have seasonal allergy issues. Seasonal allergies are an acute situation where natural therapies excel and alleviate the dreaded pharmaceutical product drowsiness and other negative symptoms. Of course we are also seeing many people today who have year round allergy issues and these formulas work well for them too at the acute level. Chronic allergies are best served through deeper therapies involving targeted liver, lymph, … [Read more...]

Environmental Medicine – European Biological Medicine Tools for Gentle, Specific, Scientific, Drainage.

It is no secret that in today’s world of chemicals, heavy metals, and food additives individuals are being subjected to an increasing load of toxins. In fact, even main stream physicians are talking about a patient’s TOTAL load (of toxins) and they are becoming rightfully concerned about adding to that load. Many of our patients are actually creating un-expelled metabolic acids daily that fill their toxic load buckets and additional environmental load can come from dietary, nutritional, emotional or even possibly one of the 40 toxins commonly found in vaccines. Supplementing a person’s diet or using nutritional therapy is just one facet … [Read more...]

Digestive Enzymes Clinical Strength

By Dr. Jesse Davis, DC, Reprinted with permissions from Innate Response Digestive enzymes serve as one of the body’s primary mechanisms of macronutrient breakdown. They enable the body to maximize the valuable nutrition contained within the foods that make up the modern diet. The human body can endogenously produce many enzymes, although, age, lifestyle, and other factors can contribute to less-than-ideal enzyme production, and as a result, poor digestion. Optimal digestive function is the first critical step for the body to absorb and subsequently utilize, vital nutrition.  It is a crucial factor in overall health and wellness. Enzymes … [Read more...]