A 1-2 Punch For Allergy Relief

Many times during the course of a day I am asked about remedies for acute allergic response situations. Lately, it has been about air borne allergies. Not having a complete knowledge of the patient and not being able to test the patient I often recommend a multi-dimensional approach. Here is my 1-2 punch for quelling allergic responses quickly and effectively. First of all, I have to have a nutritional formula that builds on quercetin.


While good clinical studies on quercetin are few, we see many evidence based improvements in allergies and interstitial symptoms. As always I recommend whole food sources rather than isolates. There are contraindications for quercetin when using anti-coagulants because of the increase in effectiveness when paired with quercetin. It is also recommended that you cycle on and off and not use for extended periods of time. In my opinion this cycling recommendation pertains to non whole food sources only.

Innate Response’s NEW Allergy Response formula incorporating a 500mg. dose per 2 capsules of Quercetin and synergistic herbal support has been a winner along with King Bio’s SafeCareRx Homeopathic Allergy Formulas for specific geographical regions. Allergy Response includes Vitamin C, Tinospora cordifolia, Nettle Leaf Extract, and Chinese Skullcap and has good clinical documentation on these ingredients. Boosting Adrenal function is also helpful and Health and Harmony’s Adrenal Revive is an exceptional support product.

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