Deer Antler Velvet Extract

When you're working toward optimum health, every little thing counts. It's not enough to simply put in time at the gym -- you need to take careful stock of your diet and ensure that your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs. Additionally, it's important to provide your system with the components necessary to encourage healthy growth, protect sensitive tissues, and enable the rapid recovery of muscles and joints. New fitness regimens can put increased stress on the body and it's critical to provide the tools necessary for healthy transformation. Deer antler velvet extract is an incredibly powerful supplement that engages your … [Read more...]

Avino Mic – The Jumpstart You Need

Staying fit and healthy is a serious challenge, eating right and getting regular exercise are the keystones to a healthy metabolism and the burning of fat, but many people find it difficult to lose weight even when following the best practices. Our Avino Mic health supplement is specially designed to help jumpstart your metabolism into high gear and encourage the healthy burning of fat while at the same time preventing the breakdown of muscle that can occur after tough workouts. It provides high potency B vitamins packed in an absorption enhancing system that gives your body the resources it needs, when it needs them. If you're a … [Read more...]

Tension Defense

There's no doubt that stress causes tension in the body. And if you suffer from chronic emotional stress, you likely feel tension in your body continuously. Dealing with tension and stress requires a whole-health approach – meditation and yoga can help, changing your diet can yield positive results, and adding a health supplement can provide your body with the help it needs to engage its innate responses. Our Innate Response Formula, Tension Defense, is designed to assist your body in dealing with tension and stress. It promotes healthy muscle function and activates your body's stress-response mechanisms. Tension Defense uses three key … [Read more...]


Medix4Life is an incredible, cutting-edge line of adult stem cell activator regulating proteins that utilizes nanotechnology to repair cellular communication and enables the body to engage its own internal repair mechanisms. The supplement uses powerful ingredients, delivered at very low dosages, and causes no side effects or allergic reactions. Threats to Health The world in which we live is packed with dangers to our health. Whether it's toxins in our air, water, and diets, or toxins introduced through our lifestyle and culture, our bodies are constantly fighting off harmful chemicals and substances. Each toxin causes issues with … [Read more...]

Anova Health is proud to be the US distributor for Enteriphyte products from Curaphyte Technologies

Here at Anova Health, we work hard to gather the best health supplements in the world and bring them directly to our clients. With so many alternative health supplements on the market and so many factors to consider, it's our job to research and vet products so that you know you're getting the absolute best. We are proud to announce that Anova Health is now the premiere U.S. Distributor of Enteriphyte products, developed by Canada's Curaphyte Technologies. Curaphyte is a cutting-edge health supplement provider that was founded in 2009 with the goal of bringing evidence-based herbal therapies to health care practitioners across the … [Read more...]

Gluco-Defense Supports Healthy Metabolism

While a well-balanced diet is essential to maintaining proper health, it is not always sufficient. Incorporating nutritional supplements into your everyday routine will ensure that your body receives all the vital nutrients it needs. However, it is also important to ensure that your body can effectively and productively break down the nutrients it takes in. If you are looking to support your glucose metabolism, Gluco-Defense is one of the foremost products to maintain a healthy metabolism. With a powerful blend of botanicals and nutrients, this product features an innovative formula that includes Chokecherry, American Ginseng, and … [Read more...]

On The Cutting Edge of Adult Stem Cell Activators for TODAY

The question of stem cells is currently a hot topic in biotechnology and human genetics. While there has been much talk about the potential of embryonic stem cells, their use in actual practice is not only controversial but unproven for safety. They may never yield broad scope uses due to many yet unresolved issues. Genetic instability is one big issue. Adult stem cells, however, are believed to have more relevance in the healing industry today than embryonic stem cells probably ever will. In broad terms, a stem cell is one that, in the course of cell division, increases in numbers and also matures into various types of specialized … [Read more...]

Immune Modulation for Immune Challenges

Supporting, tonifying and activating the body’s natural immune response has never been more important than today. We are constantly challenged by a barrage of factors and strengthening the immune system can lead to enhanced well-being and longevity. While Anova Health preaches a balanced approach to immune challenges including Argentyn23 and appropriate SafeCareRx formulas we wanted to focus on the importance of Beta Glucan use for immune challenges. The Immune System In 1908 the immune system was described as the system we know today. That information and the vast discoveries that have been made since then resulted in the birth of … [Read more...]

AvinoCort Benefits

The truth of the modern diet is that it lacks many of the substances our bodies need for healthy growth and repair. Unless you’re extremely careful about everything you eat (and never take a meal away from home), it is likely that your body isn’t receiving everything it requires. Modern diets simply do not provide many of the nutritional building blocks our bodies demand. One of the best methods for ensuring your body gets the nutrients it needs is by incorporating nutritional supplements into your diet. Our AvinoCort formula, for example, helps fill in the gaps in your diet by giving your body peptides that your modern diet may be … [Read more...]

Kids Complete Powder

It’s no secret: Children grow up fast. And while they’re growing, they need immense amounts of nutritional food and physical activity to ensure proper health. Kids grow quickly and this growth must be supported by their diets in order to occur naturally, healthily, and without complication. In the best cases, it’s difficult to keep a balanced diet for your kids. They have huge appetites and very little desire to focus on healthy foods. Nutritional supplements, for the most part, are designed for health-conscious adults more than growing kids, which leaves the market saturated with candy-like multi-vitamins and not much else. Kids … [Read more...]