An Overlooked Factor in Immune Health

There is nothing more important to immune health than quality sleep. Getting enough quality deep sleep is critical to overcoming any illness quickly because in sleep we recharge our energy systems. Addressing such an important core issue is critical before we can go on to possible core therapies. Most patients tend to gloss over questions about their sleep in a similar manner as they do in response to questions about their diet. Patients will indicate that they sleep well, but do they really? With attentive deeper case taking questions you may find that patients don’t sleep well. For whatever the reasons, if I find that a patient gets up more than once in a given 7-8 hour sleep session or they say that they don’t remember a specific dream in that sleep period I question deeper the reasons why.


Since melatonin levels can stay suppressed if any source of light is in the sleep area, one of the first things we want to do is look at any possible source of light. Digital clocks, night lights, open blinds, etc. can all lead to light induced melatonin suppression as melatonin production is dependent on very low to zero light levels. Without sufficient sleep it is difficult to achieve optimal health whether it is an acute health challenge, chronic issue, or optimizing a healthy aging program.

If a patient is still not sleeping well after addressing the core light issue it may be the result of many causes including hormonal imbalances. We will address this topic in future writings.

There are some quick effective remedies for better sleep that can be addressed with herbs, nutritional supplementation or homeopathic remedies. Our favorite choice for an herbal solution is the Deep Sleep formula from Health and Harmony.Sleep Aid by SafeCareRx by King Bio is an excellent choice for homeopathic support for sleep issues. Biodentical Melatonin a multi-dimensional Protogenix product by Health and Harmony is an excellent choice because of its subtle physiological and energetic support.

For additional information on protocols, dosing or additional questions please feel free to contact Dr. Frank A. Charles at or on his cell at 828-337-8304

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