Announcing Multiscan – An In Office Physiology Assessment Powerhouse

Anova Health is proud to offer Multiscan, a scientifically proven and highly profitable in office scanning technology.  Multiscan can reduce the need for much outside testing.  Multiscan delivers a wealth of data on your patients’ most important physiological functions thereby leading to more judicious uses of outside testing.

Today my patients are delivered, on a shiny large screen LCD, living color test panels that inform, captivate and motivate.  For me, the Multiscan has resulted in better patient compliance for longer periods of time  and faster and better outcomes.

Discover the technology that incorporates but goes beyond all others in integrating Heart Rate Variability, Body Composition, Pulse Wave Analysis, Photo Plethysmography, Sudomotor, and proprietary DC current and GSR technologies. Repeatable in office monitoring can assess the effectiveness of therapies and lifestyle changes in a cost effective manner.

Multiscan technology devices including the Multiscan BC-OXi and the Multiscan Pro.  Multiscan devices combine a very broad array of clinically proven physiological data collection technologies. Gathered data is interpreted through an IDMG proprietary software program. Information is then displayed through full color panels with 3D tissue modeling for patient education and via printed reports.

The day of using individual instruments for HRV assessment, Sudomotor testing, Body Composition/fluid analysis and much more is almost over. In addition to being time consuming, taking patients from station to station and purchasing individual technologies is expensive. Then collecting, integrating and interpreting data can be a daunting task. Multiscan now virtually eliminates that in the most advanced economical unit in the market. Call it the Amazon of Physiological testing devices. Lots of bang for the buck.

Multiscan enhances physician decision making processes and increases patient involvement through education and improved therapy compliance. Multiscan devices can now perform many advanced physiological scans in a span of 10 minutes from patient intake, prep and integrated scans from beginning to end. IDMG then interprets, integrates and presents the data in beautiful easy to understand visual presentations.

For your patient, the 5 minute scan involves many concurrent tests. Your patient places their bare hands and feet on tetra polar, stainless steel plates with 4 forehead electrodes for a period of 5 minutes. The Multiscan runs 22 currents along 12 pathways yielding a wealth of information within minutes.

Help your patients become excited, motivated and engaged in their health recovery process. Multiscan helps you discover new insights into their cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous system, spinal function, meridian balance and more. Multiscan also delivers information on organ tissue perfusion and electrical flow affecting their health from deep cellular and organ performance levels.

Multiscan technologies have opened an exciting, brand new vista for in office assessment of the most important aspects of a patient’s health picture. Do you do functional metabolic medicine, weight management, work with neuropathies, stress, hormone balance and lifestyle issues?  Multiscan is an amazing must have tool to assess, inform, motivate and track progress in your patients.

Anova Health is offering the amazing new and highly cost efficient and profitable Multiscans at an unbelievable US introductory price of only $11,500 (BC-OXi) and $16,500 (Pro Version) including dedicated computer for a limited time in 2017. Trade in discounts in some situations. Lease to own for under $400 per month.

Click here on our scheduler at to set a conveninent FREE 15 minute, NO OBLIGATION, conversation with Dr. Charles. You will discover if, how and how much Multiscan could benefit your practice. We look forward to hearing about your practice and current therapy protocols you currently offer.

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