Anova Health is proud to be the US distributor for Enteriphyte products from Curaphyte Technologies

Here at Anova Health, we work hard to gather the best health supplements in the world and bring them directly to our clients. With so many alternative health supplements on the market and so many factors to consider, it’s our job to research and vet products so that you know you’re getting the absolute best.

We are proud to announce that Anova Health is now the premiere U.S. Distributor of Enteriphyte products, developed by Canada’s Curaphyte Technologies. Curaphyte is a cutting-edge health supplement provider that was founded in 2009 with the goal of bringing evidence-based herbal therapies to health care practitioners across the globe.

Enteriphyte is an innovative line of products designed to give you powerful herbal medicine options for anxiety, sleep, pain and inflammation control. These products been clinically proven in dozens of studies. All Enteriphyte products rely on a patented Enteriphyte Nutrateric ingredient coating that allows for the delivery of significant amounts of herbal alkaloids to effect receptor sites. This ensures high amounts of herb concentrates without gastric upset or degradation of alkaloids in the stomach. The Enteriphyte Practitioner Certification Program enhances the ability of health practitioners to rely on these natural, healthy solutions. Understanding and applying these herbal formulas based upon actual pharmacokinetic properties is the key. Herbs have been used for treatment and prevention for thousands of years – Enteriphyte is just the next step in herbal health technologies.

It’s also worth noting that all of Curaphyte’s products have a product license from Health Canada, not to mention full compliance with the United States’ rules on health supplements. Enteriphyte is being tracked via Canada’s adverse event reporting program, which means all clinics and practitioners are required to provide information on any and all adverse effects. This double coverage ensures that Enteriphyte is healthy and safe as well as effective.

At Anova Health, we are the portal from which physicians will have access to a high quality array of alternative health products. For more information about Enteriphyte or other products please visit or contact us at 888.309.5222.

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