Anova Introduces Douglas Labs

Anova Health is proud to announce the addition of Douglas Labs to our line-up of nutraceutical offerings.  Douglas Labs has been an undisputed leader in product development and formulation of nutritional formulas since 1955. Douglas continues to innovate with its recently released lineup of physician formulated and tested hormone formulas and its Klean Sports formulas line.

The addition of Douglas Labs along with our excellent existing nutraceutical lines including DaVinci Labs, Pharmax, Genestra, Metabolic Maintenance, MBi Nutraceuticals and Anova Health proprietary formulas allows us to cover all of your possible needs. Our Additional offerings in the area of biological medicine from UNDA, Mediral, SafeCareRx, MBi, Nelson Bach and Amrita allows us to cover a wide range of therapies for integrated practices.

In addition to offering many new cutting edge products in the area of hormone support formulas by Joseph Collins N.D., Douglas continues to offer exceptionally affordable basics including a variety of Vitamin D3 products that are very competitively priced.

I particularly like the double benefit in their broad selection of foundational nutrient formulas including the award winning Ultra Preventative X. In addition to the 7 Preventative X formulas Douglas has formulated 13 targeted support multiple formulas and Essential Packs. Targeted formulas incorporate significant amounts of  food source nutrients herbals, and various specialized nutrients. The Essential Packs include a solid Prenatal Pack with extra calcium and High DHA/EPA Softgels is an excellent choice for moms.

For serious competitive athletes the highly popular Klean line up of products offers an array of exciting formulas that are NSF Certified for Sport.

In addition to many advanced formula for everyday use Douglas offers over 500 total products for the most demanding Orthomolecular and Functional Medicine practitioners.

For a free Douglas catalog or information on any of their targeted line please call us at 864-408-8320.

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