Argentyn 23: Broad-Spectrum Anti-Microbial and Immune Support


This is the time of year when practitioners begin to stock Argentyn 23 for many good reasons. For starters, we can mention allergies, immune support, football or soccer wounds, and then eventually to ward off infections as we move into the winter months.

Is it possible to have a phenomenal product and yet have it fail to produce desired results?

Yes, especially if delivery and dosing protocols are not followed. This has always been one of the challenges in achieving great results in nutritional practices. In many cases, it can be a lack of compliance by patients, which illustrates the need for clear and more consistent communications.

In conversations with practitioners, we have discovered that they believe strongly that Argentyn 23 has been a phenomenal product for clearing sinuses and sore throats and a variety of skin problems. When it comes to working on deeper issues, there has always been one major obstacle for practitioners to overcome: A lack of understanding of proper dosing protocols.

The reasons for this seem to be twofold:

  1. It is difficult to put the enclosed dosing protocol information on a label for everyone to reference, so it must be transferred to the practitioner by someone with more experience.
  2. A fear that silver is a toxic metal at higher levels of ingestion. This is absolutely not true with a low ppm true hydrosol like Argentyn 23.

So, let’s clear the air. Many silvers are poorly made and have impurities, or are bound to mineral salts or proteins that can cause dermal tissues with super-high concentrations over long periods of time to retain some amount of silver. Also, the lack of effectiveness of non-hydrosol and impure silvers are due to much larger particle size.

Size, dispersion and purity make Argentyn 23 the only speciation of its kind. This can be proven and validated through TEM 100,000x magnifications. I address these issues to drive home the fact that proper dosing protocols are paramount to getting maximum results.

Argentyn 23 is a speciation of silver that is never toxic and can be used in large quantities with no adverse effects but with great effectiveness. In order to work with intestinal issues and tough viral issues, it is imperative that you know that silver has a half life in the lymphatic system of 15 minutes. In order to continually reduce an overgrown microbial infestation requires continual dosing every fifteen minutes for 3-5 hours to eventually reduce populations until the immune system has regained the upper hand.

The recommended dosage every 15 minutes is 1 tsp for a 100 lb. individual, and an additional teaspoon for each additional 40 lbs. So for a 180 lb. man this would be 3 tsp. every 15 minutes for 3-5 hours.

Yes, this means that an individual may need one or more 8-ounce or 16-ounce bottle(s) per occurrence.

The above mentioned dosage causes a continued die off of the infectious agent without that organism being given ample time to repopulate. So, in effect, the goal is to continue to kill the organism faster than it can repopulate. We want to saturate the lymphatic system and keep it saturated until we are finished with the immune challenge.

The cost to do this is a bargain. If we told you it was possible to eliminate your new nasty flu bug in a few hours for $50-$90, would that really be a bad deal?

The bottom line is that there are clinics that are highly effective in dealing with deep viral and fungal issues because they apply the necessary protocols. Many of the most successful offices are medical offices that follow through on accepted dosing protocols in lieu of muscle testing. While we certainly have nothing against muscle testing, there are situations in which it can fail, especially when clinical protocols need to be applied.

Please realize that what we are recommending will take a supply of larger bottles and the time to explain to the patient what is needed. For some practitioners, it will take a new mindset as to what Argentyn 23 really can do, and that it really is a safe product.

Please call me if you have not seen the article on the safety of Argentyn 23 from Dr. Dana Flavin, M.D., who is a former toxicologist at the FDA. We also have studies on the kill rates of Argentyn 23 versus the other major brands of silver. Argentyn is a clear winner in kill rates and comes in non-leaching glass bottles.

If you also desire the finest in immune modulators to increase immune vigilance for any infection or difficult immune challenge, ask us for information on our line of exceptional products from BioPreventics Research.

Now is the time to make sure your pharmacy is well stocked to be ready and highly successful in this coming flu season.

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