Argentyn 23 for Anti-Microbial Immune Support

Argentyn 23 is one of the most significant speciations of silver for antimicrobial effectiveness available today. Speciation refers to the specific critical properties of the finished product imbued by the silver sourcing, preparation and manufacturing process. Contrary to what those with little knowledge of silver say, silver is NOT a heavy metal and is not at all dangerous to the body. Silver in various forms are utilized in hospitals, NASA space ships, and U.S. naval vessels for its disinfectant and healing properties. Up until the last hundred years and the advent of modern antibiotics, silver had played a very important role in the medical pharmacopeias from family physicians to surgeons. Silver however should never be stored in a plastic bottle of any kind as it highly reactive with plastics (studies available) and will release pthalates. Please refuse to support products with silvers, golds, or other conductive metals in plastics.


Silver is found in trace amounts in the healthy human body and in soil grown foods. In fact, white blood cells have receptor sites for silver and silver plays a physiological role in healthy myelin sheathing. Silver also carries 10 times its weight in oxygen. If you are worried about turning your skin gray with silver banish the thought. To turn gray you would have to consume a very large amount every day, for a long time, of a cheap, high parts per million homemade silver to experience that.

While safety is not an issue with most silver speciations, their effectiveness is. Since the half-life of silver in the body is 15 minutes, a highly effective silver can make a huge difference in kill rate and outcomes. Argentyn 23 is a very different speciation and is used by some of the brightest physicians in North America. Argentyn 23 is one of the most important, powerful and broadest spectrum anti-microbial elements on the planet.

Argentyn 23 has unique properties because of a manufacturing process and quality control system that surpasses all other manufactured and home made silver preparations. Argentyn 23 is the only pure hydrosol that is totally free of ALL contaminants and has a picoscalar average particle size of .08 nanometers. This is verifiable at 100,000x with transmission electron microscopy or TEM. TEM analysis is the gold standard for the assessment and critical manufacturing quality processes for silvers.

The significance of the previous points when truly understood and further studied will make a believer out of any open minded health care practitioner. Argentyn 23‘s purity and effectiveness have been proven clinically. When delivered properly and in frequent enough doses it is my first choice as an anti-microbial support product. I have used Argentyn 23 in many cases of bacterial, viral and fungal infections with remarkable success. I have used other speciations with far less success.

I believe that every household should have an array of Argentyn 23 delivery systems for colds, flus, pink eye, acne, cuts, poison ivy ulcerations, MRSA, baby diaper rash, etc. and any time an antiseptic is warranted.

Today, we are seeing increasing dangers from overuse of modern day anti-biotics and the ineffectiveness of many antiviral agents. Argentyn 23 deserves a serious consideration as a world class anti-microbial antiseptic in every health care practitioner’s arsenal as it has been proven to be up to 55 times more effective than other silver product speciations.

For additional information, research or use and protocols please feel free to contact Dr. Frank A. Charles at or on his cell at 828-337-8304.

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