Bio-Therapeutic Drainage for Science-Based Toxic-Load Reduction


It is no secret that in today’s world of chemicals, heavy metals and food additives, individuals are being subjected to an increasing load of toxins. In fact, even mainstream physicians are talking about toxic load, and they are becoming rightfully concerned about adding to that load.

Supplementing a person’s diet or using nutritional therapy is just one facet of a total holistic individualized approach to restoring a healthier path for patients. However, even supplementation in many individuals can add to a person’s toxic load and lead to inhibition of the healing process.

Being able to effectively deal with auto-immune and immune issues requires an understanding of true personalized medicine, which involves knowing a patient’s constitutional type, miasms, temperament and emunctory function.

Anova Health is excited to announce the most advanced course available today to help practitioners understand and drain and detoxify using cathartic measures and without guessing.

Beginning on September 17th and continuing for 7 weeks, Seroyal Continuing Medical Education presents:

Biotherapeutic Drainage and UNDA Numbered Compounds with Dr. Robert Abell ND, L.Ac.

unda talkThis seven-session teleconference series is designed to expand your knowledge and introduce the use and applications of Gemmotherapy, Oligo-Elements, Plexes and Schuessler Salts. Through his extensive experience and personal case studies, Dr. Abell will review how to incorporate these Biotherapeutics into simple and easy-to-follow treatment guidelines, ensuring successful results in everyday practice. Each of these biological therapies are individual treatment modalities, but when utilized in a systematic approach using Biotherapeutic Drainage™, they become a synergistically advanced form of medicine.

Incorporating each of these therapies into your practice will provide you with the tools and protocols to treat chronic and acute conditions that past experience posed as challenging and, in some cases, untreatable.

For additional information, you may call Anova Health at 1-888-309-5222 and speak to Dr. Charles about the amazing results experienced by practitioners utilizing this exciting approach to homotoxicology and plant-based medicine therapies.

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