California Poppy For Restorative Sleep


Did you know that many of your patients, including the youngest, are taking some form of anti-anxiety or sleep medication? Unfortunately, sleep meds do not guarantee, and can actually prevent, a truly restful, restorative sleep.

Many of your other patients think they sleep well, or they haven’t given it much thought. We all take for granted that everyone eats a great diet if they say so. Usually they aren’t. It’s the same as we look deeper into why people don’t heal. They also don’t sleep well.

Anova Health has been working with Dr. Guy Chamberland, who has become one of the foremost experts and researchers on sleep and pain. He has pioneered many studies on the best natural herbal medicines that can be proven clinically to address this growing problem.

McMaster University in Canada is the leading medical University in Canada, and they have begun studies to assess the initial results achieved by Dr. Chamberland in studies on a specific California poppy extract.

I wanted to share with you a recently published article by Dr. Chamberland regarding this fascinating herbal healer. This is the exact same extract that is found in CaliQuil, which was developed for us by Dr. Chamberland and is being incorporated in many successful practices in the U.S. today.

To view Dr. Chamberland’s published article, click here.



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