Core Immune Support

The 2012-2103 winter season is shaping up to be one of the worst flu seasons in more than 10 years. Influenza A outbreaks in several states have resulted in several deaths including 28 in North and South Carolina as of this writing. Supporting basic immune health is very important this year and especially for the young and elderly.


The immune system can be classified for simple understanding into the non-specific or innate immune system and the adaptive immune system that includes both the anti-body and cell mediated divisions. We can further think of the immune system as a symphony orchestra with all of its interdependent instruments. When the symphony is playing harmoniously, it is very powerful and effective. However, if the trumpet section or the drum section was to suddenly double its volume the resulting musical composition would become ugly and discordant. In a similar way, the human immune system can become discordant or unbalanced and we see this in auto-immune and weakened immune conditions.

For core immune support it is important that we address both the innate and adaptive immune systems. Then we want to use a balanced approach to supporting both sides of the specific immune response components in the deepest and most powerful way possible. The best way to do this is with nutrients that address the broadest amount of immune factors in a gentle but modulating way. We can accomplish this with immune modulators that help the immune system become more balanced as well as increasing its activity. This prepares and supports the immune system in the best way possible for any type of antigen or microbial invasion or over proliferation.

As an affordable every day core immune product, I recommend Immune Response by Innate Response. This special formula is comprised of an array of known nutritional support compounds and general immune modulators that work on both non-specific and specific immune systems. For the specific immune response support, Immune Response is a blend of whole plant based sources of immune modulators. These include astragalus root, beta glucans from s. cerevisiae, arabinogalactins from Larch and mucopolysaccharides from Reishi and Maitake mushroom powders.

The nutrient components of Immune Response, vitamins C and D, are also vital to
both innate and specific immune function during times of immune challenges. The research
is extremely strong for both of these nutrients and the ever emerging data on vitamin D makes its inclusion absolutely necessary. This foundational formula epitomizes the very essence of ‘proactive natural medicine’ and should be a cornerstone to any immune supportive protocol.

In another article we will address more targeted and deeper ways to improve immune performance.

For additional information on protocols, dosing or additional questions please feel free to contact Dr. Frank A. Charles at or on his cell at 828-337-8304

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