MBi Nutraceuticals: An Exciting New Line from Anova Health

As a practitioner, you will have needs for remedies for immediate palliative relief care as well as deeper more energetic formulations for your longer chronic disease programs.

Chronic disease situations require a deeper understanding of your patients constitution, temperament and miasms and requires movement into more energetic therapy.

Anova Health is very aware of necessary technologies and therefore is excited to announce our new complete line of remedies from MBi Nutraceuticals that allow you to access deeper levels of healing therapies.

MBi brings effectiveness, affordability and a broad range of therapies from nutraceuticals, herbals, homeopathics, glandulars and oligo-elements.

MBi’s founder Ned Jensen was one of the leading scientists at Albion Labs in the 1970’s and his knowledge of effective mineral delivery is extensive and grounded in solid science. This is exciting because many of today’s mineral products are not well utilized and can slow down or impede the healing process.

MBi excels in many areas including endocrine and organ glandular support via homeopathic organotherapy remedies as well as potent high quality New Zealand glandulars. There is a growing need for glandulars in many cases for short periods of time to jump start tissue rebuilding. I prefer them over protomorphogens for their strength, effectiveness and fewer tablets needed to accomplish the task.

Thyroid 120 is a thyroid support nutrient formula that features a bovine source of thyroid cuttings. Thyroid 120 can be used along with Bio-Thyroid Drops and Oligo Iodine Drops for thyroid support.

Organotherapy adds additional energetic support from the action of sarcodes and tissue salts in affordable formulas. The MBi line of sarcodes, oligo-elements and homeopathic formulas are delivered in glass bottles and cover a wide range of needs from detoxification, allergens, and acute and chronic support formulas. Grain and Seed Antigens is very helpful in desensitizing the immune and nervous system to wheat and more when indicated.

Oligoelements is a very strong area for MBi and they are delivered in liquid form in glass bottles. One of our favorites is their Molybdenum, Vanadium and Silica combination oligo. Here is a list of all their SKUs.

Please feel free to call me if you have needs in any of these areas or would like to expand your nutraceutical therapies into the energetic realm. I am sure you will see many great formulas at very reasonable prices delivered in glass with maximum effectiveness form MBi.

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