NEW Dynamic Technology for Leaky Gut

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During the past 10 years there has been an amazing increase in new studies revealing the highly important gut-immune brain connection. 2015 has seen an enormous amount of information coming out in the form of targeted medical conferences on the microbiomme and gut brain issues.


Anova Health is excited to announce the launch of our NEW Micro Bio Mmune (MBM) product in capsules as a new advancement for intestinal health.


Anova Health MBM is a very powerful non sugar/saccharide pre-biotic that has beyond the ordinary ability to support the immune system and repair leaky gut. In fact, it is the only substance we have seen that has very strong pictorial evidence of this healing in animal studies. MBM is derived from fermented wheat germ extract and derives many of its benefits from a group of compounds called benzoquinones.


The biological effect of MBM is attributed to an enzymatic extraction technology of a proprietary organic non-GMO dietary wheat germ which is rich in these benzoquinones freed from glycosides bonds. These benzoquinones account for MBM’s participation in neutralizing free radical forms in redoxo cycles. In addition, MBM has immune modulating and disease preventing effects.


Research studies have shown the evolution of intestinal villi epithelial cell changes with concurrent improvements in nutrient absorption of vitamins, macro and micro elements and amino acids during continuous administration of MBM.  These changes have been demonstrated to significantly increase the absorption of nutrients by 70-80% compared to that of 7% in the case of ordinary wheat germ. This statement is confirmed by research studies conducted by the Institute of Medical Microbiology at the Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary.


Multiple research study trials have confirmed that the most important cells of the epithelium enterocytes of the small intestine mucosa, which are responsible for the normal process of absorption, were greatly enriched in the group consuming MBM compared to the control groups. Further studies also confirmed that the pre-biotic effects contribute to the renewal of intestinal cells.


The life of epithelial cells is 2-3 days. The senescent cells in the surface of the intestinal lumen fall off and drift into the intestinal cavity. Regeneration of new cells are assured by immature epithelial cells. During the maturation process disaccharidases required for the absorption of nutrients, alkaline phosphates and peptidase enzymes appear in them. After maturing, they become responsible for the use of complex carbohydrates and proteins and the demolition of simple sugars, amino acids and absorption of fats. MBM in addition to healing the epithelium lining has also been shown to elongate intestinal villi adding to the improvement in nutrient absorption.


The very first produced product similar to MBM is twice as expensive, needs to be kept below 45 degrees and is contraindicated with instances of intestinal bleeding as it is not free of all gluten proteins.


MBM has been further refined by researchers, sells for less, comes in capsules, needs no refrigeration, and can be used in instances of internal inflammatory conditions.


MBM is recommended in all types of dysbiosis based situations, leaky gut, and for intestinal immune support that affects all body systems.


While MBM can stand on its own as a phenomenal support product, it also pairs very well with Anova Health AvinoCort, which is also an amazing cellular repair and regeneration product. In a few weeks we will discuss the synergistic benefits of these high impact products together.


In conclusion, MBM helps the intestinal regeneration process while improving the body’s acquisition and absorption of nutrients. This in turn improves the defense mechanisms of the body and assists the immune and intestinal systems in warding off viral, bacterial, and fungal overgrowth.


Recommended dosage for MBM is one to two capsules a day to augment your favorite probiotic product. In most instances we have seen the need for MBM diminish as intestinal function returns to a more normal balance within 30 to 60 days.


Please feel to call us for more information or an appointment to speak with us about MBM  in your practice.


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