Enteriphyte for Chronic Pain and Inflammation

There are many possible causative factors for chronic inflammation. As integrated, holistic-thinking practitioners, we are always trying to remove the causative factors behind the inflammation.

Sometimes the goal of identifying and removing the offending agent(s) will take some time. Sometimes this goal is not possible; sometimes patients don’t choose to go the long road to resolution of pain issues. In those instances, our patients deserve to then be offered the best in palliative, but safe, alternative medicines.

We all know that almost all drugs come from the actions observed in herbal compounds. By utilizing herbs first, we can often achieve the desired effect without the side effects of the synthetic version.

To work in the area of chronic pain, herbalists use single-potent remedies to achieve results through a layering technique involving multiple single remedies built over multiple interventions. The process of resolving chronic pain—be it through a pharmaceutical or herbal approach—is a process that can take months of adjusting remedies. The more thorough a practitioner’s understanding and knowledge, the more effective therapy becomes for patients.

Devil’s Claw, at doses of 60-100mg of active harpagosides, nicely dampens a variety of inflammatory responses. For an additional layer of broader-spectrum anti-inflammatory effects, we can look to add Black Cohosh and Figwort in the concentration ranges that only EnteriPhyte offers: Black Cohosh is a very important addition for osteoarthritis, and expands the anti-inflammatory range of action while also being an HPA axis modulator. Scullcap can be added where a CNS anti-spasmodic and nervine is indicated, and can also relax the mind and muscle tension in acute injuries where an NSAID cannot.

EnteriPhyte products offer effective dosing with higher concentrations, requiring one or two tablets, at most, in a dosing period. The proprietary enteric-coated process allows the delivery of high concentrations of actives, in very few pills, given very few times daily. They deliver effectiveness and higher compliance, since not many people want to take tablets or alcohol drops every hour and in large quantities. The same efficacy does not appear to be the case with combination products. Combination products are suited for broad-spectrum, milder situations where you are not looking to control specific pharmaco-kinetic results.

Figwort, Feverfew, and California Poppy are additional herbals with targeted affects that can also be employed by a trained practitioner.

The EnteriPhyte training program and protocols written by Dr. Guy Chamberland PHD., Master Herbalist and pharmaceutical toxicologist, can be accessed at Anova Health. Dr. Chamberland has also authored the book Natural Pain Management –The use of Herbal Remedies in the Natural Treatment of Pain.

For discussions, monographs and protocol guides written by Dr. Guy Chamberland, please call our Physician Support staff at 864-408-8320 Ext. 102.




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