EnteriPhyte Products for Inflammation and Pain

Today we start a two part series on EnteriPhyte herbal products for the safe and effective management of acute and chronic pain issues. Developed by Dr. Guy Chamberland with his extensive background in pharmaceuticals, EnteriPhyte products fill a gap in every integrated practitioner’s tool box. The gap is for individuals needing a strong alternative to drugs that cannot be filled by weaker combinations of herbal or nutritional products which are useful for milder conditions and underlying support.

Reducing Inflammation of an acute nature, quickly and effectively, is the key to successful resolution of short-term and long-term pain issues. Studies show that the sooner strong anti-inflammatory measures are taken in an acute situation, the fewer chances of the situation becoming chronic.

Safely reducing inflammation, in most cases, includes a combination of ice and anti-inflammatory agents, including systemic enzymes, herbals and homeopathic remedies.

EnteriPhyte’s Devil’s Claw Plus maximizes these approaches based on its strength as a COX-2 and cytokine-release inhibitor. The harpagoside content found in just 2 tablets of Devil’s Claw Plus has been shown to effectively reduce inflammation rivaling more dangerous pharmaceuticals.

When inflammation involves muscle spasms or CNS involvement, the addition of EnteriPhyte Scullcap is highly recommended. Scullcap in this concentrated extract has been proven effective in acute situations because of its range of activity as an anti-spasmodic, CNS anti-inflammatory, visceral relaxant and anxiolytic. Does tension or stress make pain worse? Scullcap is an excellent adjunctive therapy to minimize these complications.

For strong topical pain relief, EnteriPhyte Relief Gel has been successful in controlling pain via its action on TRPM8 and TRPA1 receptors. Relief Gel, through its analgesic properties, can be used for localized pain reduction from injuries, chronic inflammation and neuropathic pain.

Another helpful product for acute pain is CaliQuil, our California poppy extract, which reduces CNS pain through its activity as an analgesic. Higher doses of California poppy will induce sleep. Its only side effect has been lucid dreaming. CaliQuil can be used for sleep with pain or for sleep in certain cases where Sleep Pro is not effective. Some patients need relaxation to sleep and some require sedation.

At Anova Health, we have the products and know-how to cover a myriad of issues. For complimentary product or protocol consultation, please call our scheduling office at 1-888-309-5222 EXT 108.

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