Environmental Medicine – European Biological Medicine Tools for Gentle, Specific, Scientific, Drainage.

It is no secret that in today’s world of chemicals, heavy metals, and food additives individuals are being subjected to an increasing load of toxins. In fact, even main stream physicians are talking about a patient’s TOTAL load (of toxins) and they are becoming rightfully concerned about adding to that load.

Many of our patients are actually creating un-expelled metabolic acids daily that fill their toxic load buckets and additional environmental load can come from dietary, nutritional, emotional or even possibly one of the 40 toxins commonly found in vaccines.

Supplementing a person’s diet or using nutritional therapy is just one facet of a total wholistic individualized approach to restoring health for today’s more increasingly complex patients.

n many individuals even supplementation can add to a person’s toxic load and lead to inhibition of the healing process. Supplementing into a sludged or damaged interstitial matrix creates more drainage problems. Many current “detoxification” methods can create more backup into the matrix if the primary and secondary eliminative pathways are not drained effectively first. Healing reactions and healing crises come from improper drainage first or an organ or system unable to respond. The second issue requires organotherapy first.

Being able to effectively deal with auto-immune and immune issues requires an understanding of true personalized medicine and targeted drainage therapy as well as well-timed general body detoxification, depuration and microbial removal.

If you love functional medicine you are going to love what drainage therapy adds to your tool box.

In fact, the top Naturopathic Physicians and Truly Naturopathic Medical Doctors I know have told me they wouldn’t be able to get people well or even practice anymore if they didn’t have most of these tools.

Learn about some of these exciting new tools including, Gemmotherapy, Oligo-Elements, Phyto-Gens and more that take plant and mineral based medicines to a new level in the drainage and tissue repair arena.

Beginning on September 14th and continuing for 7 weeks Seroyal Continuing Medical Education presents:

Clinical Applications of Gemmotherapy, Oligo-Elements, Plexes and Schuessler Tissue Salts Presented by Dr. Robert Abell ND, L.Ac.

This 7 session teleconference series is designed to expand your knowledge and introduce the use and applications of Gemmotherapy, Oligo-Elements, Plexes and Schuessler Salts. Through his extensive experience and personal case studies, Dr. Abell will review how to incorporate these Biotherapeutics into simple and easy-to-follow treatment guidelines, ensuring successful results in everyday practice. Each of these biological therapies are individual treatment modalities, but when utilized in a systematic approach using Biotherapeutic Drainage™, they become a synergistically advanced form of medicine.

Incorporating each of these therapies into your practice will provide you with the tools and protocols to treat chronic and acute conditions that past experience posed as challenging and in some cases, untreatable. If you are puzzled by immune and auto-immune challenges please take a serious look at this series of classes.


For additional information or to get registered for this exciting teleconference series please call Anova Health and speak to Dr. Charles at 864-214-2264.  The cost for the 7 series – 14 hours continuing education teleconference is $195 and includes a complete text book and CD set of recordings sent to you after the event.

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