Exciting Anti-Aging Technologies

Anti-aging is always an interesting topic. A while back I was introduced to an MLM product touting its anti-aging “HGH” ingredient for whatever ails you. For a mere $120.00 a tube. Lets take a deeper dive into an interesting topic. A further examination into this products label reveals that it is not actually HGH but it is some type of  homeopathic HGH. Nothing wrong with that as homeopathic remedies are very effective but at $120 it is very overpriced. Looking at the total formula we find a few rainforest herbs, chemical stabilizing and antimicrobila agents and which are toxins in larger quantities. All in all I think this product is probably effective however, I  realize that Anova can off better options for physicians and their patients by introducing more potent and effective products at a lower cost.

Today, I am going to put some product options together that our clinic and practitioners we are having great success with. These options will  provide you with a broader yet deeper approach to a solid regeneration protocol with broader scope of benefits at a lower cost   Today we will highlight Age Defiance Pro, and Male Formula and Female Formula which are Spagyric Rainforest herbal formulas and our own oligopeptide rich AvinoCort.

Man made peptides (small amino acid combinations) are being manufactured and sold as pharmaceuticals more and more in the anti-aging arena with amazing effects. The disadvantgaes of man made peptides are that they are expensive (to purchase), only dispensed by MDs or DOs, limited in scope and they are more palliative than curative in many cases. A great affordable option to pharmaceutical peptides are the naturally occuring peptides along with FGF and many other brain growth factors and signaling cells found in AvinoCort. AvinoCort comes from a specialized purified extract derived from chicken embryos harvested on the peak (9th day) of gestation. AvinoCort is our top selling product and it is a pure source of OLIGO-PEPTIDES. It has many benefits as a supplier of repair nutrients to the endocrine system. In small studies to date it has also been shown to be effective in cortisol modulation in an impressive way.

Age Defiance Pro is a dynamic formula of 12 homeopathic ingredients including 7 Oxy DHEA, HGH, Pituitary, Liver and Adrenal sarcodes and several classical attenuations.

Female Formula and Male Formula were designed to support and help rejuvenate aging endocrine system organs. These combinations include supportive adaptogens for endocrine, immune and intestinal system functions. Spagyric herbals are the highest quality processing technique and is a big reason for using Energique products over standard herbal extracts.

Based on my success with the Anova Health 5PHASIC Healing System I often begin with Age Defiance Pro and if necessary then rotate the Male and Female Formulas with AvinoCort based on what PHASIC needs the most support. Any one of these products by themselves can have tremendous results for energy, stress relief and better sleep. Combining one or two of these products has a powerful synergistic effect.

Age Defiance Pro taken by itself has been highly effective in individuals who have a solid foundation to begin with. These are usually individuals who have been on a health path, eat a better diet and consume enough mineral and water. As always, individualization must be assessed based on clinical intake and and assessment tools. From that elevated viewpoint, life style changes and therapies can be implemented and adjusted accordingly.

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