Exciting NEW Line: DaVinci Labs

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Anova Health has partnered with DaVinci Labs of Vermont to offer some really exciting, well-established and NEW offerings from this excellent company.

Some of you know and use DaVinci products, and after years of hearing docs rave about several of their offerings, Anova Health began the process of looking deeper into DaVinci and one of its marvelous patented products: N, N Dimethylglycine (DMG).

DMG is used in many of DaVinci’s amazing formulas for brain function, detoxification, and cardiovascular and immune support. DMG provides powerful broad spectrum methylation support and more.

One of our favorite formulas that includes their patented DMG is their Behavior Balance, which is particularly helpful in supporting those with ADD, Autism and other brain oxidation complexes. Neuro DMG for brain support and Immuno DMG for immune challenges are also very effective products.

With over 135 products for humans and animals, Davinci offers its expertise in liposomal delivery systems, including its Liposomal Vitamin C product, and Micronized DHEA in a variety of strengths to accommodate proper dosing for men and women. DaVinci also recently introduced a wonderful liposomal DHEA Spray.

While we could never cover the depth and range of  DaVinci’s existing offerings in a short news blog, we will be highlighting many of their big impact products in the next few months, as well as keeping up with their coming new offerings.

Please feel free to call Practitioner Support Services for more information, or if we can help with questions or specific needs.

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