Expanding Your Clinical Effectiveness with Biological Medicine – NEW UNDA Numbered Compounds Class

The Naturopathic Physician believes in Vis Medicatrix Naturae or the vitalistic innate healer within each human being that knows how to heal the body without intervention. True natural cure systems prioritize an approach to help heal both body and mind by removing interferences and supporting this vital life force. 

There are many advanced systems including Oriental Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and European Biological Terrain Medicine that that have made or are now making their way into the U.S. The new flow of European Medicine methodologies into the United States adds a much needed dimension to Functional Medicine and  is being embraced by the American public everywhere we look. 

Anova Health has always viewed the products and services we have selected for our practitioners through the philosophical lens of a Biological Medicine systems approach to therapy. We have always taught that vitamin and hormone replacement therapies by themselves do not effect cure and can actually in many chronic cases be detrimental to the body’s attempt to heal. To effect true healing we feel that Biological Medicine brings a unique 100 year old viewpoint on  the understanding of drainage, depuration and detoxification based on miasm, constitution and temperament of each individual patient.

Anova Health teamed up with Seroyal Industries and its array of  four companies in 2015 largely to enhance and complement our offerings in the  areas of Nutritional Functional and especially Biological Medicine.  Seroyal offers products under the UNDA, Genestra, Pharmax and Wobenzyme labels.We invite you for 2016 to come and discover Seroyal’s truly Integrative CME  offerings for 2016 as presented by an all star lineup of Seroyal’s Integrative presenting physicians including Dr. Dickson Thom, Dr. Joseph Collins, Dr. Mikhael Adams, Dr. Robert Abel, Dr. Nigel Plummer and Dr. Ginger Nash.


Seroyal’s 2016 line-up of continuing educational classes begins on January 20th with the enlightening Biotherapeutic Drainage and UNDA Numbered Compounds webinar that is a primer on Biotherapeutic Drainage. This is a free webinar that is conducted by Dr. Dickson Thom who is a former Dean of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland Oregon. The UNDA Numbered Compounds program is a synthesis of Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Homotoxicology, Chinese and Anthroposophical Medicine developed by Medical Doctors in France and Belgium. The 76 UNDA Numbered Compounds are unparalleled in this field and date back to 1920.

Beginning on January 27th and running for the next 14 weeks on 7 alternating Wednesdays Dr. Dickson Thom will lead the Seroyal Teleconference Series on the UNDA Numbered Compounds and the secret Keys to SAFE and EFFECTIVE Intracellular and Extra-Cellular drainage. The cost of this course is $195.

On January 28th Dr. Joseph Collins will present Systemic Enzyme Therapy: Healthy Immune Surveillance & Balanced Inflammatory Function on Thursday, January 28, 2016 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-05:00) Dr. Collins is an internationally recognized leader in the field of Functional Endocrinology. Systemic Enzyme Therapy (SET) has a well-researched history in managing many areas of health.
This presentation will provide an overview of how SET may increase clearance of various biomarkers including ESR, C-reactive protein, and circulating immune complexes. 

If you are looking to deliver truly effective clinical outcomes in difficult cases, please join us beginning January 27th for a special 7 series teleconference class with Dr. Dickson Thom.Learn how to understand and apply detoxification, depuration, and drainage techniques tailored to the true needs of different patients based on their unique individual constitutional needs.  We know that you can take your practice to a new level of effectiveness by Learning the Biotherapeutic Drainage  and the UNDA Numbered Compounds system. For more information and registration information for Dr. Thoms FREE webinar or the 7 Session Webinar Course please speak to Lorinda at 864-408-8320 Ext.110.

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