Fall is Here. Stock Up on Allergy Relief NOW !!


Allergies can create some pretty uncomfortable symptoms for practitioners and patients in September and October. I am reminded of this again as we have already begun to see the patterns emerge in employees and patients.

The power of integrative and natural medicine techniques is often in the use of several well placed modalities at once and seasonal allergies is one of those situations.

Seasonal allergy symptoms can be successfully remedied through the power of contemporary homeopathy and highly effective nutritional combinations.

Our favorites in the homeopathy arena are the Allergy Regional Formulas by SafeCareRx and Allergiplex by UNDA. The Allergy Regional Southern Formula by SafeCare Rx is the most often used remedy in the Southeast but there are many regional formulas for the US. I have often needed the Midwest formula for people who have moved to the South.  These region specific formulas offer attenuations of specific plant antigens as well as symptom matching through classical remedies.

These formulas can excell in helping your patients to manage their symptoms without the side effects of medications.

By adding well designed and effective nutritional and herbal support such as Innate Response’s Allergy Response or DaVinci Labs Aller DMG you can add another dimension of support. DMG adds broad precursor based methylation support for immune modulation that supports MTHF, SAMe, Glutathione and more. DMG helps to modulate the immune system as well as having nervous and cardiovascular system effects.

Systemic Proteolytic Enzyme support can also be added to help degrade circulating immune complexes especially in the lungs with Anova Health’s Serrapeptase Complete which incorporates a preferred time release delivery system.

These are some great product ideas for you to individually test or recommend to your patients. You can feel confident that selecting any 2 or three of these will bring needed relief this pollen season.

For deeper therapy and potential resolution of symptoms with the help of Biotherapeutic Drainage please call us for a complete information package on courses and products at 864-408-8320.

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