Don’t Worry About Measles With Our Immune Support


February and March are typically flu months and with the addition of the measles scare, we would like to revisit the key issues around immune support, microbial control and detoxification.

Many people try and target the exact microbial issue, but this is difficult to do with even an exact homeopathic remedy all by itself. We prefer to work on assisting the whole body and its many systems to let the immune system do its work. Anova Health prefers broadly effective and deep-acting remedies to combat anything that may be encountered by a body’s immune system.

Our approach to immune challenges is to first boost the health of the intestinal tract, as this is where the majority of the immune system resides. There is also a good chance that the bad guys are still there if they were ingested through food. Research shows that the flu might actually stem from a growing list of restaurant food poisonings in this country.

Utilizing the highest-quality in vivo clinically proven probiotic strains is a great place to start. We know that Pharmax or Genestra Human Lactic Commensal strains fit this need very well.

HLC Intensive Care is great for supporting adult immune systems, and HLC High Potency can be used for children. These are great choices given that safety and efficacy have been proven in many studies over more than 12 years of research. Human strains are the most beneficial to the body by way of natural selection, and the four human strains in HLC products are the hardiest out of the 600 that have been studied.

Betammune by Biopreventics Research offers the immune-modulating benefits of a high molecular weight 89% pure beta glucan. Beta glucan is also radio-protective and has anti-oxidant properties, so it covers a lot of ground.

For common colds and flus, Colds and Flu by SafecareRx coupled with Betammune have served many thousands of people very well in the winter season for prevention and early resolution.

Since most complications from microbial overgrowths tax the kidneys and liver, we would also add a gentle but deep-acting support such as SafecareRx’s Total Body Detox, which supports all elimination pathways.

Assisting the body and immune system in the reduction of microbes falls to anti-microbial products such as Argentyn23, Biocidin and Olivirex. Biocidin is a clinically proven heavy hitter in this arena, and provides additional support for the lymph, liver, kidneys and emunctory excretions. Olivirex adds extra help for viral overload, and Argentyn23 silver hydrosol provides a proven winner to help prevent viral infections from going bacterial. We say this based on much experience and empirical feedback from our practitioners.

Argentyn23 has multiple benefits due to its ability to quench free radicals and promote a soothing repair of epithelial membranes in the nasopharynx, lungs and GI tract. Nasal applications are always recommended, as are nebulizers to support microbial-balanced lung health.

For additional nutritional support Anova Health offers a full lineup of nutritional and immune support products. We recommend Super Oxi Formula by Genestra for extra beta-carotene, Vitamin C, Zinc, Iodine and other antioxidants.

Please feel free to call us if you need more in-depth educational materials or appropriate product recommendations for a specific case.

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