Fighting Bad Fat With Good Fat


We live in a world where fad diets and weight-loss gimmicks are always popping up. Losing weight can be one of the toughest things a person has to do. For years, studies on obesity have found that soon after overweight people lose weight, their metabolism slows down and they experience hormonal changes that can actually increase appetite. Scientists hypothesized that these biological changes could explain why most obese dieters quickly gained back much of what they had so painfully lost.

Most patients—and many physicians—are not aware of the differences in fat cells concerning white vs. brown cells. Yes, there are good fat cells and bad fat cells when we are talking about optimizing metabolism for fat loss. We could also make the same statement about bad fat cells and good fat cells when it comes to hormone metabolism too, which is related to weight loss. Research is showing that there are also two types of brown fat, and understanding their roles and function will help in the management of type 2 diabetes as well as obesity.

The secrets of white adipose cells, or WAT (energy-storing cells), and brown adipose cells, or BAT, are being exposed in new research studies. Scientists have found through these new studies a signaling molecule capable of activating brown fat cells, paving the way for new therapies to help people lose weight.

An international team of researchers led by Professor Alexander Pfeifer from the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the University Hospital Bonn have discovered a new way to stimulate brown fat synthesis, and thus burn more energy from fat storage.

There is now a process that can be stimulated through two unique supplements that causes a conversion of white fat to brown fat. This process takes about 8 weeks to begin to create enough brown fat cells to increase the resting metabolism of an individual. By stimulating this process, the body then has developed its own NEW internal mechanism to help burn up unwanted fat stores and assist an individual to keep weight off.

This new science for long-term permanent weight loss—as well as rapid weight loss—is accomplished with two new Anova Health products: BioThermol and BioThermol Boost.

BioThermol Boost is designed to give you quick results during the first 8 weeks, and BioThermol is formulated for long-lasting weight loss utilizing the activation of the brown/brite fat. This unique combination delivers fast results as well as longer-term results that support longer-term fat loss and maintenance.

These two new supplements based on recent scientific discoveries and new nutritional ingredients offer another tool to help patients shrink unhealthy fat cells.

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