Focus on Joint Health and Comfort With These Products


It’s that time of year when joint health becomes a hot topic with baby boomers and weekend warriors as outdoor activities increase with the warmer months coming soon.

When we are asked the question, “How can I get rid of this pain in my joints?”, or, “How can I slow or reverse degeneration in my joints?”, we must take a bird’s-eye view of the true causes of the problem.

Joint health can be affected over time by internal metabolic toxins and crystal formation deposits, normal joint wear and tear, or micro- and macro-traumas from injuries. We encourage structural assessment and correction first, if needed.

If joint issues are merely the result of physical traumas, broad-based nutritional support with TEC Joint Health and or Innate Response JCTH can be very nourishing to cartilage. Avinotropin Deer Antler Velvet Extract adds more bone support through a plethora of minerals, glycosaminoglycans and bone-growth factors.

Since inflammation is usually a contributing factor to both acute and chronic  discomfort, we can look to TEC Protease for acute and chronic issues, and Devil’s Claw Plus and Devil’s Claw as ways to reduce and control the damage that can be done by inflammation.

High-quality, non-ethyl esther EFAs by Pharmax are to be strongly considered as an everyday supplement for EFAs. These are the only non-chemical or heat-treated concentrated EFAs, and are also void of any ethyl esthers. Clinical studies have shown that patients who are deficient may take 2000 mgs of EFAs per day for 3-4 months to replenish.

If wear and tear is the result of metabolic factors caused by uric acid or other forms of crystal deposits, we must take a more comprehensive look into digestive factors, including digestive enzymes, diet and gut microbiota issues. In these cases, digestive enyzmes like TEC Digest and Pharmax HLC Probiotics are a great place to start prior to any further digestive health assessments.

For those people experiencing pain that interferes with sleep, CaliQuil is a very safe but effective opioid that relieves pain and induces sweet dreams.

For any further questions about joint health, or to get a copy of our joint health protocol, please contact us at 864-408-8320.


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