Going Beyond Nutrients for Adrenal Repair and Rejuvenation


Two weeks ago, we discussed our favorite products for adrenal nutrition and adaptogenic support, from plants and adaptogens to the very popular super food AvinoCort, which supports endocrine function and repair mechanisms.

What do you do when you have detoxified a patient and provided them with all necessary nutrients for endocrine and adrenal health, but you still need something more? What do you use when your patient isn’t responding fast enough?

Core healthy lifestyle choices utilizing nutrients from whole foods, herbal remedies, homeopathy and Anova exclusive regeneration technologies have been much more successful in practice than trying to micromanage biochemistry with fancy isolated vitamin and mineral formulas alone.

This is where true cellular regeneration technologies are important. I believe there are many different ways to achieve this, including new energetic technologies—such as Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy—LED, Laser, homeopathy, sound therapy, emotional clearing and more. Since restoring and balancing endocrine function is very foundational to health, I encourage you to look to adult stem cell activators as a NEW exciting resource.

Medix4Life adult stem cell activators can be a huge help, as this product line is designed to stimulate specific adult stem cells residing within targeted tissues, organs or glands.

We would recommend that you test for and utilize an appropriate formula to continue detoxification and repair with these highly effective remedies.

Medix4Life harnesses the power of regulating peptides that restore communication to adult stem cells that have been compromised due to toxins and inflammation in cells.

Manufactured in Russia, there are 26 formulations to choose from. This product utilizes an advanced extraction and preparation process from the germ layer of the seed of a plant, since various plants have a correlating affinity to human tissues.

By harnessing the frequencies and substances found via regulating peptides, Medix4Life has helped to heal and repair tissues including the brain, eye, bone, connective tissue, kidney, liver and more.

For more information, please see the recorded webinar on Medix4Life in the Anova University video library. You may request also request information by calling us at 864-408-8320 Ext. 109.

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