Guest Post: Adrenal Response® New Formulation

New Dosage, New Formula, New Shape & Sustainable

At INNATE Response™, our adrenaline went up a little when we completed this new formulation for Adrenal Response. After listening to your input, practitioners now have access to an improved and sustainable adaptogenic botanical formula with an easier-to-swallow tablet.

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There is a lot to get excited about, including:

  • Clinically proven Sensoril®, with 250mg Ashwagandha extract
  • 50mg more Ashwagandha than previous formulation
  • 150mg dose Holy Basil leaf extract
  • 50mg more Holy Basil than previous formulation
  • 200mg Rhodiola Extract
  • 150mg Astralagus Root
  • 100mg Shizandra Berry
  • New oval tablet size
  • Focus on sustainability

Why Sensoril’s Ashwagandha?

We followed the science, which led us to a standardized form of the adaptogenic herb Ashwagandha called Sensoril. The branded ingredient contains 8% withanolides the botanical’s active ingredient. No other product can say the same. And as for dosage, double blind, placebo-controlled studies supports 250mg daily of Sensoril for its ability to maintain healthy cortisol levels and support a calm feeling.

If you like good science the way we do, click here for a study on Sensoril that supports our decision to include it in Adrenal Response.

New Oval Tablet

INNATE Response understands that tablet size and shape can dramatically affect patient compliance. We paid attention to your suggestions and narrowed the shape into an oval-sized tablet. We welcome your feedback on how patients feel about the oval shape.

Tell Me More About Sustainability

We believe in talking the talk and walking the walk when it comes to sourcing sustainable ingredients. Prior Adrenal Response formulations included American Ginseng, however global shortages of this popular botanical forced us to rethink its continued use. After careful research, our scientific team advised us to remove it from our formulation so as not to contribute to American Ginseng’s continued decline. We believe this is the most environmentally sustainable choice for our company and our clients. We believe you will agree.

New Dosage, New Formula, New Size and Sustainable

At INNATE Response™ we are pleased, and quite frankly a little energized, to get this new Adrenal formulation into your practice for your patient’s stress-recovery therapy protocols. We know you will be as jazzed when you consider the improved adaptogenic formulation, oval tablet size and attention to environmental sourcing.

Previously published on The Innate Blog and reposted with permission.

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