Guest Post: The Importance of Vitamins C & D


Honestly, my patients don’t get all that excited when I talk about the nutrients vitamin C and vitamin D. Here is the reality: these two powerhouses deliver the goods, especially when it comes to supporting immune health. The FoodState® forms of these nutrients deliver nourishment better than just about anything else on the market.

Here’s how the nutrients themselves deliver for the immune system:

Vitamin C works to support the immune system very simply by increasing cell motility, chemotaxis and phagocytosis. Just tell that to your patients and they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about. Actually, here’s what you tell your patients, ‘During this time of year you want your immune system to be firing at all cylinders, vitamin C makes that happen by ensuring that the first line of defense in the immune system gets to where it needs to go and takes care of business when it gets there. But one of the most beautiful parts about this nutrient is that this mechanism lends itself to being taken on an ongoing basis.

As for vitamin D, it works slightly differently but has an equally important role in immune function. It starts with vitamin D receptors found on cells within the immune system. Vitamin D binds to these receptors resulting in specific communication to the cell. These signals ultimately support healthy levels of inflammatory proteins called cytokines, as well as supporting healthy amounts of antimicrobial peptides (AMP’s).

As a side note: this positive effect is made on the innate immune system (pun is absolutely intended). How do you frame this to patients: ‘Vitamin D is essential for the communication to the immune system so they get instructions on what to do after in order to keep you healthy.’

And here’s how FoodState delivers these nutrients:

Vitamin C starts with fresh oranges, grown in sunny Florida, shipped to New Hampshire where they are combined on a molecular level with vitamin C. Vitamin D is integrated into saccharomyces cerevisiae in much the same manner. This integration results in a food matrix, which the body fully recognizes as whole food, one that is rich in therapeutic levels of vitamins C and D respectively. When these FoodState nutrients are ingested, the body breaks down the food matrix like any other food and absorbs the nutrients contained within it.

Voila! Nutrients delivering the goods for optimal immune health and FoodState delivering the goods the way they should be delivered – through whole food.

Written By Adam Killpartrick, DC, CNS. Previously published on The Innate Blog and reposted with permission.

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