Help Your Patients Lose Weight With Straight Medical Cookie Kits

6 Meals per Day

One of the the most critical—and yet the most difficult—areas to deal with in any weight-loss or fat-loss program comes from a patient’s diet.

With fast-paced lifestyles where people are always on the go, and the ready availability of unhealthy drive-thru foods, even the most compliant patients can use help in this area.

It is well documented in scientific studies and observations that the the most beneficial eating pattern for humans is the grazing diet.  Several small meals or snacks per day accomplishes two beneficial goals: one is to keep from getting too hungry and then overeating; the other is controlling the insulin response, which rises with the size of the meal.

Even if a patient eats a mostly protein and vegetable meal, eating too big of a meal can cause an excessive rise in insulin.  There are two things we have observed in animal studies, and that is that digestive enzyme activity and total food loads are related to health and longevity.

In designing a true metabolic fat-loss program for patients, it is helpful to have meals and healthy snacks totally planned out in advance, but this is often much easier said than done. Anova Health, in conjunction with Straight Medical Labs, offers an easier way to teach your patients to eat small meals, while helping them lose weight.

Straight Medical Labs’ (SML) line of organic medical foods—including cookies and gluten-free protein bars—have proven to be an attractive option for patients’ meal planning. SML foods were specifically designed to include the proper amount of protein, healthy fats and medical-grade, high-tech fibers with low glycemic loads. Luckily, they are also delicious and affordable compared to anything else in the marketplace.

Many of our physicians are now using these great-tasting foods to design complete meal programs, or for healthy snacks to achieve calorie goals, control binge eating or replace high-glycemic patient events.

SML offers many different flavors that can be purchased individually, but their One Week Starter Kit is the best place to start for most patients. This variety of incredibly great tasting cookies, bars, and an advanced fiber supplement ends up costing less than $10 a day, and is a great way for patients to easily follow a diet program without pre-planning meals. You can purchase individual kits or cases of 4.

This has been a very popular line out of the gate, and offers many healthy food choices, in contrast to products that are mostly sugars, or include bad sugar replacements utilizing maltilol and erithrytol.

Now you can offer your patients low-glycemic food bars and cookies that have high protein and an advanced proprietary fiber blend to mop up sugars and bad fats for a variety of conditions, from weight-loss to diabetes and more.

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