Help Your Patients Resolve Sleep Issues Safely for Optimal Health

Medical researchers are now discovering that sleep plays a much bigger role in patients’ health recovery than ever before. New discoveries in the field of pain management point to many new findings indicating that many pain syndromes are best addressed by starting with sleep normalization. Complex syndromes such as fibromyalgia are being resolved through improved sleep patterns, and many types of pain conditions are also being linked to sleep quality, and begin to resolve faster when sleep is addressed.

Anova Health is committed to supplying and training physicians in the critical area of sleep to prepare them as they begin the process of health recovery with their patients.

Chronic insomnia can also bring increased morbidity both from lack of sleep and prescribed medications. Recent findings show that many patients who take medications or self-medicate with alcohol or recreational drugs to fall asleep do not experience restful sleep. Even though they fall asleep, these methods do not bring a true restful sleep and can actually contribute to sleep deficiencies. Sleep needs to be restorative, and to accomplish this, REM sleep must be achieved for a number of periods each night. REM sleep is best determined by asking patients if they experience dreams and, more specifically, dreams that are unusual or unrelated to their waking state experiences.

EnteriPhyte manufactures the safest and most researched herbal sleep remedies in a highly concentrated delivery system for maximum effectiveness. The EnteriPhyte line of products is a diverse but integrated line of anxiety and pain remedies designed to handle even moderate to severe cases. These remedies have been researched and clinically validated for their safety and efficacy by Dr. Guy Chamberland, Ph.D. and Master Herbalist. Dr. Chamberland recently presented his work and findings in his expertise at the 2014 South Carolina Chiropractic Association Convention, and explained why the combination of passion flower and lemon balm is his first choice for anxiety and sleep. Click here if you would like to download Dr. Chamberland’s PowerPoint presentation from this event.

Sleep Pro by EnteriPhyte is an effective GABA-A agonist, having similar pharmacokinetic activities to those of benzodiazepine drugs, but without the rebound and side effects. Sleep Pro was designed and formulated using extra strength extracts to achieve its proven effectiveness.

When pain is not an issue but patients can’t fall asleep because of daily stress from work or relationship issues, Sleep Pro is an excellent choice. The activity of Sleep Pro relaxes the nervous system before bedtime, and is a safe and effective first intervention for relaxation and restful sleep. The recommended dosage is 2-3 capsules 20 minutes before bedtime.

If your patient is on medication, please consult Anova Health for an overview of safety precautions and recommended guidelines.

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