Holy Crusader: Even Batman Gets Stressed

Its true. Even Batman has to recover from the stresses of winter as I understand it from his three physicians. This year saw a heavier diet, more alcohol, and viral encounters still lingering in the spleen. It really is a tough world out there for maintaining health with increasing age, even for Batman.

Have no fear Batman. Last week Anova Health unveiled another exciting new line of products from MBi Nutraceuticals. FREE Catalogs are now also available.

One of the benefits I have noticed from working with MBi is that it is an effective entrance into offering biological terrain and energetic medicine support therapies. MBi products cover a lot of ground in homeopathic detoxification and anti-gen support, oligo element and glandular support arenas and are very effective while being affordable for patients.

MBi has several unique nutritional products and formulas for your review including a simple encapsulated greens formula for alkaline mineral and anti-oxidant support. MBi’s strength however resides in supporting  your nutritional protocols with broader homeopathic and deeper energetic and oligo-element therapies.

Today’s increasing health challenges include not only nutrient issues but lowered cellular energy states leading to catabolism brought on by new levels of internal and external toxins.

For liver and gentle intestinal detoxification, using herbal and nutrient formulas,  you can select Livachol and Milk Thistle Complex. For lymph toxin support Lymphotox assists with the elimination of environmental toxins.

One of the advantages of the MBi formulas is their affordable cost. Many times patients with acute conditions choose to bypass additional support for full resolution of issues because of cost. When acute conditions are not resolved quickly and thoroughly by the body they can become more and more chronic.

I encourage teaching patients that addressing current acute or recent acute situations (within the past year) to be cleared at a deeper level. Moderately priced but highly effective formulas like MBi can often be the difference between that happening or not happening.

The MBi line of detoxifiers are low attenuation remedies to address current, recently current, or long term chronic issues as they begin to surface into acute flair ups final resolution.

Lets take a case of a viral infection where a practitioner may prescribe a strong probiotic, Argentyn23, Olivirex and Immuno DMG as an example of a moderate acute protocol for a patient. Or perhaps the patient comes to see you after a course of antibiotics for an infection or after an operation.

To more completely clear the immune system for the next immune challenge I would recommend a 21 day program for support of the immune system with Bio-Thymus which provides additional sarcode support for the lymph system and spleen with Bio-Lymph to best ready the body for any future challenges in this area.

If you desire more information on utilizing MBi in your nutritional and functional protocols please feel free to call us at 864-408-8320 or submit a request for a case consultation.

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