How Much Molecular Hydrogen is in your Water?

An increasing number of your patients are concerned about drinking purified clean water as a foundational health practice. Science is now validating that the PROPERTIES of water matter and have a profound impact on health. Water that is found in lakes and streams that moves over rocks and is constantly absorbing lightning strikes contain molecular hydrogen, perhaps the most important of all water properties.

The healthiest and most economical way to get truly healthy water is to treat your own tap water. While many people today consume various types of bottled waters and chemical laden spring waters, I believe they are getting seriously shortchanged both health-wise and economically. At least one recent study has shown that bottled water contains many chemicals, plastic residues and other contaminants while enriching major soft drink companies who attempt to filter tap water.

To fully understand water dynamics and the benefits of molecular hydrogen for cellular functioning including effective glucose metabolism, brain function, bone building and much more we recommend the amazing resource and educational site

Recent articles touting the multiple metabolic benefits of molecular hydrogen has surfaced in articles by famous PhD. scientists and Medical professionals as they learn what many of us already know about molecular hydrogen’s many benefits. Doing an internet search for “molecular hydrogen and diabetes opens the door to many studies.

Last year we introduced the amazing ECHO 7 water treatment system to our practitioners, friends and clients based on its proficiency at producing molecular hydrogen. Some of our practitioners have become sales agents through Anova Health for sales to patients as well.

Today we are excited to introduce the latest and greatest ECHO 9 which replaces the ECHO 7 with an even more impressive output of molecular hydrogen.

While the NEW ECHO 9 boasts the same built in impressive 9 stage water filtration system for optimal water cleaning, it is now also equipped with 9 proprietary plates specifically designed to deliver an impressive 1.5 to 3 parts per million of molecular hydrogen. Due to recent technologies we now have NEW reagent drops that can measure the amount of molecular hydrogen being created by the ECHO or any other unit.

There is no other water treatment system that can deliver the level of molecular hydrogen that the ECHO 9 does with its patented advanced plate surfaces and self cleaning plate technology. Old plate technologies like the Enagic, Alkaviva, Life, Tyent and others have several technological limits and do not produce much if any molecular hydrogen, even with cleaned plates, which an owner must do often. These older technologies also are more expensive and do not typically have effective under the sink capabilities, free installation or forever warranties.

In addition to being very affordable and technologically advanced with over 30 worldwide patents the ECHO is a sleek great looking unit and carries a forever warranty attesting to its durability.

Personally, I wouldn’t be without the amazing ECHO machine and own one for the office and one at home for people to enjoy. The taste of this water is amazing and ECHO makes a most wonderful Christmas gift.

Water is a basic and vitally important part of any health program (especially weight loss) and as a Naturopathic practitioner I am constantly getting asked “what is the best water to drink to support my health”. While clean water free of chemicals and heavy metals is certainly to be desired, it is the benefits delivered by molecular hydrogen that has now been documented in over 400 studies that will receive much more attention.

For the month of November Anova Health is offering the ECHO 9 at a 10% discount. If you desire to offer these units in your health practice we can help you do this at no cost.

For a more in depth discussion on how you can purchase your own ECHO 9 for as little as $26.00 per month, or offer this amazing technology to patients and important people in your life please call us at 864-408-8320.

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