If It’s Not ReadiSorb, It’s not Delivered Glutathione

There probably aren’t many nutrients more important for practitioners to know about and utilize today than Glutathione. About two years ago, Dr. Oz set ablaze the public’s interest in Glutathione by explaining some of its benefits and having a guest Yale MD explain why he utilizes IV Glutathione.

Eight years ago, Dr. Timothy Guilford delivered to practitioners a truly effective delivery system for Glutathione in his patented product ReadiSorb. Many other Glutathione delivery systems have tried and failed to deliver the results of ReadiSorb’s liposomal delivery system, where transport into the lymphatic system happens rapidly through the mouth, esophagus and stomach.

Whenever an exceptional product begins to become successful, others pile on with second-rate pretender products and marketing hype to capitalize on the situation. Yet today, because of all of the marketing being done around Glutathione and many inferior delivery systems—from oral to transdermal—it has become a confusing topic. We hear common questions like, “What is Glutathione?”; “Can Glutathione survive the digestions process?”; or, “What, then, is the best form of delivery?”

The other effect of many companies jumping on the bandwagon is that more and more people will hear about the importance of this molecule for human health. In fact, it’s been proven that many people—including those with HIV, cancer, autism, Parkinson’s, Lyme disease and other difficult chronic conditions—have low Glutathione levels. Glutathione levels are critically important in maintaining proper immune function, so it’s no surprise to research scientists that individuals with chronic immune challenges are low in Glutathione.

Glutathione is such an important antioxidant and detoxifier for the body because it’s utilized in the clean-up process within the mitochondria of cells.  This means it has a major effect on many cases of fatigue due to improper cellular respiration.

Most of you know that I’m always looking for ways to optimize healthier body/mind function with broad and deep acting therapies. When I implement enough of these core technologies, innate wisdom and energetic forces are free to heal. While I don’t believe any practitioner can successfully micromanage cellular nutrition with bags of “nutraceutical supplements”, I do believe that daily Glutathione supplementation is critical now in so many people because of our toxic environments. Given enough time, ReadiSorb, just like AvinoCort, will raise the health of the body in many miraculous ways.

Anova Health is delighted to have been given a distributorship for this amazing and proven product.

This piece of the health puzzle can now finally be addressed with a PROVEN way to elevate both plasma and, eventually, red blood cell levels of Glutathione. Only ReadiSorb has proven to do this to date, while most—if not all—Glutathione products are ineffective in comparison, including capsules, gel caps, and even glutathione transdermal applications.

You can access the actual studies that have utilized ReadiSorb at www.lipoglut.com under Studies. To our knowledge, there is no other product that has been used in an independent study to validate its efficacy outside of ReadiSorb. The best part is that ReadiSorb is one of the best tasting liposomal Glutathione preparations you can find.

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