Safe and Effective Anxiety Relief and Sleep Support

Many of you know that I lived and practiced in Minneapolis Minnesota many years ago. Driving past Paisley Park all decked out in purple, was always an uplifting experience. This article is written as I contemplate the loss of Prince who was an amazing artist and human being.

There are times when palliative care is a necessary step in helping a patient on their journey to restoring a healthier state. This is more often the case for anxiety and sleep issues that need to be addressed early in a program.

The root causes of anxiety and sleep disorders can be many and may take time to resolve. In the meantime, patients deserve the best that natural care has to offer even in the form of herbal palliative care. At Anova Health, we offer a number of proven products to assist in reducing anxious states both during the day and for sleep issues.

One of the best herbs for reducing anxiety and inducing sleep is Scullcap. The Anova Health ScullPro is a 5:1 concentrated extract of Scutellaria Lateroflora. Scullcap has anxiolytic (calmative), tranquilizing, sedative, and antispasmodic properties. It is also considered to have trophorestorative effects on nerves. Scullcap induces sleep through deeper relaxation.

One of the best herbs for inducing sleep through its action as a hypnotic is California Poppy. In mild doses California Poppy also acts as an analgesic and is therefore appropriate for people who do not sleep due to pain. Our finest California Poppy offering is found in our own Anova Health CaliQuil.

If you have not received a free bottle of our CaliQuil please call us NOW to receive a free bottle and participate in our Take a Bottle – Talk to Patients Campaign. This offer is for the first 100 participants in our Take a Bottle- Talk to Patients Campaign.

For patients needing a simpler contemporary energetic approach via homeopathy for positive effects on the ANS and Endocrine systems we offer SafeCareRx Stress Control and SafeCareRx Intense Anxiety and from a very nice formula called MBi Nutraceuticals Nerve and Sleep Drops. The SafecareRx homeopathic products are water based and can be used very successfully with infants and children too.

For deeper resolution of chronic sleep issues we recommend that you consider the Biotherapeutic Drainage (BTD) Series Product from UNDA for Stress and Insomnia Relief. This BTD Kits is comprised of 3 of the Famous UNDA Numbered Compounds and the Genestra Phytogen from plant bud extracts called Calm-Gen. This makes it a 4 bottle kit for those needing gentle but deep drainage and nervous system repair that phytogens bring.

The BTD Stress and Insomnia Kit and 4 Formulas is also very effective because it begins to address the intracellular toxins found in the CNS that are affecting the ANS plus offering HPA axis repair and adrenal support at the lesional and functional levels.

Please feel free to call is for a complete protocol list of our many products in this area or if you need to discuss a case and design a protocol at 864-408-8320 Ext. 102.

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