Integrative Medicine Finds Homeopathy?

One of my favorite mentors likes to tell the story of the history of Eclectic Medicine in the U.S., which spanned from the 1850s to the 1890s. Doc (my mentor) holds licenses as a PMD, ND, DC, has a Ph.D. in Cinematography and is a writer, so he is pretty eclectic himself. The Eclectic Medical movement grew out of Native American herbalism. Now a modern-day movement is growing that is being termed Integrative Medicine, but has the spirit of the Eclectics. A large part of this growth is from functional medicine practitioners becoming more eclectic, as we saw in this previous era with herbal medicine. Today’s Integrative Medicine is beginning to embrace herbalism once again, but also many energy technologies, including contemporary homeopathy, to advance patient-wellness programs.

Anova Health and myself are truly excited to be able to host Dr. Stephen Ross in Greenville, SC, to showcase the merger of functional medicine and contemporary homeopathy in the new paradigm shift into Integrative Medicine that is currently happening. Dr. Ross is a co-founder of the Institute for Integrative Medicine, a diplomat from the American Academy of Pain Management and an affiliate physician at the Chopra Center in LaCosta, California.

Dr. Ross will share why now is the best time to add Integrative Medicine and homeopathy into your practice. He will discuss why SafeCareRx offers you 263 targeted formulas to offer your patients more effective relief. For detoxification, allergy relief, immune enhancement and emotional-stress factor formulas, contemporary homeopathy, delivered by SafeCareRx, allows you to select from all products or specialize in just one specific area. For instance, some of our ‘structural-care-only’ Doctors choose to use just pain and inflammation-related formulas. Other Docs choose to work with our digestive and microbial relief formulas. The SafeCareRx line of powerful and high-compliance water-based formulas offers any practitioner the know-how and tools to implement contemporary homeopathy.

Today, contemporary homeopathy offers the Integrative Medicine practitioner new options for easily and simply supporting the weakest links of an individual’s innate constitution, while helping them optimize their health and quality of life. This practice offers a proven energy technology for effective strategies in supporting detoxification, reducing allergy responses and modulating autoimmune conditions.

Contemporary homeopathy can supply any practitioner with NEW CLINICAL TOOLS to become more effective in supporting the healing process and resolving patient health issues. Homeopathy works on the physical and mental emotional levels through proven frequencies to restore energetic and, eventually, physical balance.

Please contact us for links to see all of the tools available for implementing this amazing modality into your practice. Displays are available for dispensing seasonal point-of-sale products and to highlight favorite products. Get ready for allergy and asthma season with Allergy Southern Formula and Asthma Clear.

Fast drop shipping (e-Pharmacy) to your patients, or patient online shopping are available from the Anova Health website and warehouse.

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