Introducing Enteriphyte: An Innovation in Natural Pain Management

Anova Health is proud to announce the arrival of the all new Enteriphyte line of exceptional herbal products from Curaphyte of Canada.

Developed by Dr. Guy Chamberland, Enteriphyte brings a new standard in herbal medicine for the management of moderate to serious cases in anxiety, sleep and pain management.

In addition to a new generation of products, the Enteriphyte Practitioner Training Program and materials developed by Dr. Chamberland are a key factor to success in clinical applications across a broader range of issues.
Don’t miss out on this NEW technology for helping your patients in dealing with anxiety, sleep, inflammation and pain in a more effective way. This is a high-growth area, and vitally important to attracting the aging baby boomer generation looking for alternatives.

While we have found that this program takes months to master, there are a few flagship products that can be used very successfully with a brief overview.

Sleep Pro is one of these flagship products, delivering the highest concentration of passion flower and lemon balm of any product available today. In addition to being very safe, this combination boasts the two most effective sleep aids based on numerous studies.

For more information about the rest of the products in the Enteriphyte line, or to receive the materials in our Enteriphyte Practitioner Training Program, please visit our website at, or call us at 888.309.5222.

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