Introducing Seroyal: Our Exciting New Product Line

Seroyal has been a respected name in the manufacturing of natural therapies and physician training in Canada since 1985, in addition to 39 great years of European-inspired biological medicine. Its product lines—Genestra, Pharmax, UNDA and Wobenzym—have been favorites among biological, functional and integrated medicine practitioners, and especially Naturopathic practitioners in Canada and the Northern Coasts.

The Seroyal companies stand at the forefront of many unique and proprietary technologies that we have come to respect and rely upon. Like Argentyn23 and many of Anova Health’s other proprietary products, Pharmax and UNDA boast some of the most desirable, new and proven products in the industry.

We look forward to sharing more in-depth information about each product line with you in coming articles:


A nutraceutical/herbal company with a wonderful line of advanced Phytogen products that teach us how to use gentle drainage before more cathartic detoxification procedures, especially with our growing numbers of sensitive patients.


Founded by Dr. Nigel Plummer—a former antibiotic researcher for Pfizer UK—Pharmax offers advanced technologies in the area of gastrointestinal health and essential fatty acids, beginning with its clinically proven and famous line of human-strain probiotics. Through his educational webinars, Dr. Nigel teaches the scientific basis for the clinically proven Pharmax human commensal-strain probiotics. Watch for Dr. Nigel Plummer’s seminars in an area close to you soon.


This Belgian company is renowned for its biotherapeutic draining curriculum, training and multi-dimensional numbered compound formulas, as well as its line of fine homeopathic formulas.


Clinically proven enzymes by Wobenzym have been shown to offer powerful systemic enzyme support for cardiac, neurological, reproductive and endocrine support, joint health, and more.

The Seroyal Continuing Medical Education (CME) program is committed to providing world-class, clinically proven modalities for a complete holistic approach. Please call us at 1-888-309-5222 x102 to request product information, catalogs, samples and the CME schedule for the last half of 2014.



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