Liposomal Delivery For Biocidin

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Many of the patients we see today have underlying inflammation, infections and immune stress due to a variety of chronic microbial overloads. With these patients, it’s important to address the underlying issues behind all chronic problems, beginning with managing the biological terrain. Managing biological terrain includes proper drainage of toxins and elimination of toxic organisms that alter terrain.

When it comes to biofilms and resistant and chronically recurring infections, Biocidin by Bio-Botanical Research has been one of the best—if not the top-performing product—in the industry.

Anova Health is excited to introduce the NEW Biocidin LSF (Liposomal Spray Formula) that offers a new deeper-acting formula for chronic bacterial issues via its liposomal delivery system. This more powerful delivery system is able to assist in the delivery of Biocidin’s broad-spectrum botanicals to the central nervous system, which is a key benefit when addressing Lyme disease and other pathogens.

The liposomal delivery system allows for immediate bioavailability of Biocidin’s powerful combination of proven essential plant oils. Liposomal spheres developed by Quicksilver Scientific carry the valuable Biocidin essential compounds. The Quicksilver Scientific liposomal delivery system ensures absorption into mucousal surfaces and then rapidly into the blood stream.  This allows for bypassing the intestinal track for situations not requiring direct intestinal involvement. The Etheric Delivery system provides 100 nanometer or smaller particle size, which is optimal for therapeutic use where emulsification and digestion in the GI tract is detrimental to distant systemic absorption.

Physicians have reported reductions in pain and other symptoms in Lyme patients using Biocidin LSF in as little as 4-6 weeks, and a preliminary university study in Finland shows a reduction in Lyme biofilms. Larger studies are underway as evidence based medicine is already embracing this definite advancement in technology.

Biocidin LSF is another wonderful addition to the tool kit of physicians battling chronic infections and biofilms, and a great addition to the Bio-Botanical Research product line. To receive a 10% introductory offer price on up to 3 bottles of Biocidin LSF, please call customer service at 864-408-8320 Ext. 109.

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