Metabolic Weight Management with Anova Health


Of all of the things your patients see you for, excess weight is probably at the top of the list. While we all know that blood sugar regulation is critical to weight management, there are many more reasons to be concerned about our patients’ blood sugar issues.

Metabolic syndrome, diabetes, NAFLD and cancers are all the result of—or have major factors involving—impaired or overburdened glucose metabolism. We have gleaned much about structuring healthy weight-loss programs by understanding the broader issues of food selection for a wide range of health issues.

Anova Health is proud to present the next phase in our development of a practical and sustainable weight-management program for our practitioners and patients.

The Anova Health Metabolic Weight Loss program embraces a metabolic  approach that includes healthy, organic high-tech-fiber foods with advanced detoxification, metabolism enhancers, LLLT laser therapy, nutrition and hydrogen water technologies, assuring you the best tools in the business to help your patients in achieving their weight goals.

Our weight management program incorporates several new and exciting technologies, including:

  • Straight Medical Labs medical foods are specifically designed to provide patients with affordable, great-tasting medical foods to ensure a healthy, balanced macro nutrient approach to improving caloric intake and metabolism, including great-tasting cookies and meal-replacement bars to ensure a healthy, balanced macro nutrient approach to improving caloric intake and metabolism.
  • Our groundbreaking, highly effective, affordable NLAL low level laser technology that is clinically proven to help reduce fat stores by opening channels in the targeted adipose cells, causing them to release free fatty acids and shrink. This technology has major implications for hormone balance as belly fat works against fat loss and the NLAL can reduce fat stores without exercise. For more information about NLAL technology, click here.
  • Anova Health’s proprietary BioThermol and BioThermol Boost is an exciting new technology proven to facilitate improved metabolism by assisting the body in turning white fat cells into higher-metabolism brown fat cells.

Additional support is available via:

  • Anova Health’s exclusive endocrine regeneration products
  • Drainage and detoxification protocols for pre-weight-loss program cleansing
  • Practitioner training and case consultations
  • ECHO molecular hydrogen water treatment systems for improved cellular health. Numerous studies now clearly confirm the benefits of the high molecular hydrogen 7.5 pH-neutral waters for metabolic syndromes only available from ECHO


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