Pharmax: The Superior Choice for Essential Fatty Acids


Pharmax, the world leader in state-of-the-art Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) production, is here NOW at Anova Health. Pharmax is a physician line offering an incredible source of great-tasting and highly effective enzyme- and cryo-processed EFA oils in emulsified forms.

For many years there has been mounting scientific evidence pointing to the increasing need for essential fatty acids in human diets. Many scientific studies validate the use of EFAs for brain, heart, cardiovascular health and inflammation modulation.

There has been much controversy based around studies showing the negative effects of fish oil supplementation. Actually, like many other studies, the product and quality are not readily revealed. I believe that it is the quality and form of fish oil that determines their overall benefit or detriment.

Manufacturing processes that capture nutrients from foods can be beneficial or create compounds that are actually toxic to the body. Until recently, I never felt compelled to ingest EFA products, as my journeys into manufacturing plants alerted me to the harsh methods that are employed to clean, separate and alter EFA products.

Pharmax offers physicians and patients a revolutionary—and essentially natural—way to benefit from the best in EPA/DHA harvesting and supplementation via advanced manufacturing processes, including enzymatic emulsification. Emulsified EPA and DHA results in 2-3 times more absorption and utilization for very cost-effective supplementation.

Pharmax has developed manufacturing techniques that increase EPA and DHA concentrations to maximize fish oil yields, while most synthetic enrichment techniques manipulate the triglycerides, creating ethyl esters (EPA and DHA molecules bound to alcohol molecules) or other augmented versions through chemical processing.

Pharmax’s proprietary NEO-3 and CRYO-3 natural enrichment processes enrich EPA/DHA levels while preserving the delicate triglyceride form. NEO-3 utilizes the power of natural enzymes to gently concentrate and enrich the levels of EPA and DHA without alcohol or chemicals. This advanced process selectively removes shorter chain fatty acids from the fish oil triglyceride, leaving the EPA and DHA untouched.

The NEO-3 process mimics the first stages of our normal digestive process and produces a mixture of natural di- and triglycerides. CRYO-3 utilizes a proprietary super-cooling process enabling accurate fractional crystallization of the triglycerides carrying high levels of fatty acids.

The resulting Pharmax product line offers an array of therapeutic levels of EPA and DHA formulas delivered with the benefits of phenomenal taste (NEVER a fishy taste or rancid repeat syndrome), and increased patient satisfaction and compliance.

Anova Health has a seen a rapid acceptance and use of the Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil products from physicians for the following reasons:

  1. Highest-quality processing technologies available today, which eliminates rancidity or unnaturally altered essential fat concerns.
  2. Best tasting oils in a great-tasting emulsified delivery system for kids and adults.
  3. Emulsified EFAs are much more absorbable and effective for less money.
  4. Mutiple-use EFA formulas with CoQ10, Vitamin D, Sterols and other nutrients reduce the amount of products needed to achieve targeted outcomes.
  5. Professional line only, unlike Nordic Naturals and some other brands that are heavily discounted through retail and internet sales channels.

To get your free sample of the best tasting Finest Pure Fish Oil or to request a copy of the Pharmax EFA product guide, please feel free to call our office or talk to one of our Physician Support Specialists at 1-888-309-5222. EXT 102.



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