Review and Preview: Pharmax Is Coming!

In the past few weeks we have introduced three very well-received products:


  • ReadiSorb Glutathione is a research-proven and clinically proven way to raise plasma Glutathione levels rapidly. Developed and process-patented by Timothy Guilford, MD, ReadiSorb was significant enough in one study to match plasma IV Glutathione levels within 75%. ReadiSorb, in its first few months with Anova Health practitioners, has been very helpful with supporting patients exhibiting autoimmune, allergy and other immune issues. It has also been important for brain, lung, liver, and kidney support by way of its ability to detoxify chemicals and heavy metals all the way into the mitochondria. ReadiSorb is a top detoxification and anti-aging regimen product.
  • ARNOX Advantage is setting the NEW standard as a functional blend of precursors for Nitric Oxide production. Unfortunately, foods vital to NO production and, therefore, to cardiovascular health are not being consumed by many patients.  This nutraceutical blend can augment dietary sources of nitrates and includes beets, pomegranates, L-Arginine, and L-Citrulline with some very strategic herbs for the endothelial lining. ARNOX addresses multiple proven nitric oxide production pathways with effective synergists like Vitamin D3 (5,000 units) and AstraginTM. ARNOX Advantage sets the new standard in Nitric Oxide smart formulas as an advanced Naturopathic Physician-designed product based on the latest research and formulation technologies available.
  • CaliQuil is an atypical opioid and high-concentrate herbal with analgesic, sedative and hypnotic properties. There are no known side effects with CaliQuil, and one capsule delivers to 95% of patients a deep sleep with more REM cycles and dreams. The herb is specifically great with elderly patients and those individuals where pain prevents sleep. CaliQuil is part of the EnteriPhyte program, and is augmented by the use of EnteriPhyte’s Scullcap and Sleep Pro products. Please contact us for information on critical training protocols for utilizing the EnteriPhyte product line for anxiety, sleep and pain.


Anova Health is proud to be able to bring to you an outstanding line-up of products from Pharmax of Canada. Pharmax is famous for its cutting-edge, clinically proven probiotics, natural antimicrobials, GI and essential fatty acid products. Based in Canada, Pharmax’s key probiotic formulator, Nigel Plummer, Ph.D., has worked at Pfizer in antibiotic R&D. Pharmax’s commitment to research has resulted in collaborations with research institutes and universities within the UK and Europe. Soon discover for your patients why Pharmax delivers the finest in acid-resistant and high gut-adherence properties in a line of probiotics.

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