SafeCare Rx For Your Patients’ Spring Allergies

When spring rolls around, there are many reasons to look to SafecareRx by King Bio, with its advanced line of powerful homeopathic formulas, for effective relief. There are many advantages to SafecareRx formulas over any other brand, including a unique water-based pump-spray delivery system, and the most labor-intensive, high-potency attenuations to be found anywhere.

There are two areas in which SafecareRx can help your protocols excel for the spring season: skin/allergy care and respiratory formulas.

When poison ivy and poison oak begin to mature, there is nothing more important to have already stocked than the SafeCareRx Poison Ivy and Poison Oak and Allergies – Southern U.S. formulas. Many of our practitioners have these formulas on their front counters in display boxes for immediate use.

In a future article, I will share a very effective protocol for this issue, but I initially want to bring your attention to the many advantages of SafeCareRx’s 263 formulas. Adding homeopathy to nutrition and herbal protocols brings an added dimension of effective and FAST results.

SafeCareRx formulas are uniquely created to meet the needs of today’s more complex and perplexing health problems. Due to dramatic changes in disease patterns and our environment, SafeCareRx formulas offer effective solutions to meet these challenges:

  • Comprehensive, Quality Homeopathics – SafeCareRx formulas are the result of the accumulated knowledge and research of many respected homeopaths and doctors with many years of clinical experience. The quality ingredients in our formulas are prepared from substances belonging to all three realms of nature – plant, mineral, and animal. All components are prepared in strict accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) and current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) standards of excellence. Latin names are used for the specific identification of each homeopathic ingredient.
  • High-Potency, Broad-Spectrum Homeopathics – In our SafeCareRx formulas, there are equal volumes of high-potency, broad-spectrum strengths of most ingredients: 10X, 30X, 100X, 1M, LM1, LM2 and LM3. In general, the lower 10X potency works at the more superficial levels of bodily function, such as skin and hair health. The middle potencies 30X and 100X work more in the realm of our glands and organs. The mental and emotional functions – and even our genetic predispositions – are best enhanced with the higher 1M, LM1, LM2 and LM3 potencies.
  • Multiple Ingredients – SafeCareRx formulas, on average, contain more than 16 different ingredients, each made in 5 to 7 high potencies (mentioned above), totaling more than 100 individually made ingredients in a single formula. This progressive formulating process provides a broader therapeutic spectrum that delivers powerful results. The SafeCareRx multi-ingredients, combined with the high, multiple potency process, provides faster, more effective results.
  • Pure Water Base – Working with hypersensitive people for nearly three decades, SafeCareRx delivers its benefits in the least allergenic base: WATER.

Beginning April 1st and running through June, we are offering the top-selling SafeCareRx formulas for the allergy/hay fever season at 15% off.

These products include Allergy and Hay Fever Reliever, Regional Allergy Formulas, Asthma Symptom Relief, Sinus Relief, Lungs and Bronchial Relief and our New Anti-Aging formulas for Men and Women.

Feel free to contact us about qualifying for free countertop displays that have been proven to increase patient purchases of these wonderful remedies.




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