Save on Super Food DAV Extracts and Sleep Formula

Spring time is the perfect time to think about increasing nutrient density to facilitate supporting joints, repairing and rebuilding cells while sleeping deeper.
To help support those efforts Anova Health offers an intriguing superfood extract from deer antler velvet (DAV) called Avinotropin. Standard strength Avinotropin is standardized to 45mcg of IFG-1 and Avinotropin Plus is standardized to 100mcg of IGF-1 making them dollar for dollar the most potent and cost effective sources of deer antler velvet available today.

Many DAV products have nutrients but none can approximate the amount or quality of the all important growth factors in Avinotropin products including IGF-1, IGF-2 and more.

While athletes prefer Avinotropin Plus (100mcg) for cortisol modulation, muscle mass and joint rebuilding and repair Avinotropin is just a darn good overall super food with a broad array of minerals glycosaminoglycans (think joint repair and nourishment) and more. Please see our 36 page patient guide for more information on the amazing array of naturally occurring nutrients and growth factors in Avinotropin products.

Avinobolic 100, 150 and 300mcg include Puncture Vine (tribulus terrestris) for healthy testosterone support for men and women.  Avinobolic 150 and Avinobolic 300 are more concentrated so the cost per mg. of solution goes down. Professional athletes are particularly fond of Avinobolic 300 but initial purchase investment is higher to capture the increase in value.

Deer antler extracts should ideally be in glass as many growth factor compounds will adhere to plastic. Additives including glycerin sweeteners also degrade the effectiveness of the source product.
Avinotropin products incorporate deer antler velvet whole nutrient extracts produced from 43 lbs. of velvet which is concentrated down to 1 lb. and then undergoes a triple cold alcohol extraction process. It is then preserved in a high quality grape (not corn) ethanol delivery system for maximum absorption.

We recommend that patients commit to using DAV products for at least 3 months to see maximum results. Initially many people experience increases in endurance, mental focus, deeper sleep, and elevated moods. In the second and third month of use people report increased strength gains (requires muscle stimulation), joint function and repair and increased bone density. Other benefits associated with healthier hormone balance for men and women have included increases in muscle mass, fertility, libido and improved female hormone related complaints.

AvinoREM is our highest grade DAV combined with Melatonin for better sleep and healthier aging along with a Mucuna Bean extract providing a natural occurring source of dopamine. Low dopamine levels can cause fatigue, lack of motivation and a hard time getting up to speed in the morning. We continue to hear very positive feedback on the addition of AvinoREM in patient regimens and its effectiveness in helping to normalize natural sleep patterns with an increase in morning get up and go.
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