DaVinci NEXT Generation “Benefits” Line

Every so many years a few professional nutraceutical oriented companies that embrace evidence based formulating revamp their product lines. They do this to IMPROVE clinical outcomes for patients. HAPPIER patients mean more clinical satisfaction and referrals for practitioners. These leading companies accomplish this product RENEWAL by funding practitioner oriented research and unveiling NEW product formulations with advanced  ingredient technologies. After years of pouring over clinical research studies and ingredient science, observing evidence based findings, and field testing new formulas, they finally unveil their NEW Labels and shiny new bottles.

Anova Health is excited to announce our unveiling in 2016 of the new DaVinci BENEFITS LINE  in its new handsome black bottles with black labels covering an array of  effective new products.

DaVinci’s new BENEFITS LINE includes many SYSTEM and ORGAN targeted formulas. These new formulas are easily understood and can be implemented into any protocol to broaden effects, enhance or replace poorer performing products. The NEW DaVinci Protocol Guide is an extensive piece of work completed by Dr. Adam Kirlpartrick and is an easy to implement protocol guide. This guide  is being well received by many of our top physicians who desire to understand and implement the entire DaVinci Line or just the new BENEFITS LINE up of products.

Since we are approaching the upcoming weight loss marketing season we will highlight just a few of the BENEFITS LINE offerings with links to a few targeted BENEFITS LINE products for your quick review. Take a hard look at the formulas, product quality and price. We know these products deliver much of what your patients are looking for.

Click the links to see the New BENEFITS LINE of products that address weight loss and includes Adipo-Leptin Benefits, Gluco Benefits, Lean Benefits, Cortisol Benefits and Adrenal Benefits. To help understand the application and potential uses of these formulas you may access the WEIGHT Protocol and ADRENAL Protocol guides other products highlighted in the NEW 45 page PROTOCOL GUIDE by Dr. Kirlpartrick.

In future blogs we will highlight more of this exciting line for and some well designed protocols for clinical application covering more of the many DaVinci products. For technical product or case consultation questions please contact me at drcharles@anovahealth.com or 864-408-8320 Ext. 102.


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