The 1-2 Two Combination Punch for Allergy Season

Allergy season is here again and many of your patients are looking for effective alternatives to pharmaceuticals.
A great way to help many patients and spur fall and spring supplement sales is to ask patients if they have seasonal allergy issues. Seasonal allergies are an acute situation where natural therapies excel and alleviate the dreaded pharmaceutical product drowsiness and other negative symptoms.
Of course we are also seeing many people today who have year round allergy issues and these formulas work well for them too at the acute level. Chronic allergies are best served through deeper therapies involving targeted liver, lymph, blood and kidney drainage therapy.
Anova Health offers contemporary homeopathic products and one select nutrient allergy formula that are proven in providing targeted relief for acute allergic response situations.
Innate Response’s Allergy Response formula incorporates a 500mg. dose per 2 capsules of Quercetin and synergistic herbal ingredients offering solid foundational support. Allergy Response is designed around supporting mast cell integrity. Mast cell degranulation is a natural process that occurs during out of control immune reactions. One of the foremost activities of Quercetin is to support healthy levels of degranulation by supporting the body’s ability to stabilize the cells that release histamine in the body and thereby a normal healthy inflammatory response. Allergy Response includes Vitamin C, Tinospora cordifolia, Nettle Leaf Extract, and Chinese Skullcap and there is good clinical documentation on these ingredients.
Hay Fever and Allergy formula from SafeCareRx is a symptomatic relief formula designed to dramatically reduce the symptoms of watery eyes, scratchy throat and other symptoms of the allergic response. This is a broad acting foundational formula that acts in concert with Allergy Response but can also be used by itself.
Regional Allergy formulas from SafeCareRx are targeted contemporary homeopathy formulas for relief of acute symptoms that also support a healthy cortisol response and provide antigenic desensitization for pollens. These formulas have been shown in practice in many cases to resolve allergy issues with long term use in responsive individuals.
For more information on these products or to discuss a particular case please feel free to call me anytime at 864-214-2264.

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