The Truth About Alkaline Water: Part 1


As a health care professional, water is one area that I’m sure you will need to address, as patients are asking more and more questions concerning this very basic, but important, topic.

While I’ve been asked thousands of questions about water—and have played with and marketed several types of technologies over the years—I can now say that ECH2O water has arrived. Before we discuss ECH2O water, I would like to discuss what is and isn’t important in water-treatment technologies today.

Yes, it is time to break my silence about the MYTHS perpetuated about strictly marketing-driven alkaline water ionizer companies.

MYTH 1: You can change the pH of the body of your intestinal tract with alkaline water. No, you cannot affect complex pH mechanisms in the body with a slightly more alkaline water.

MYTH 2: Drinking alkaline water will feed candida. See Myth #1.

For years, scientists and researchers have asked the question, “What is the true science behind electrically charged water that delivers its many health benefits?” Is it the pH? Is it the ORP? Is it the micro-clustering of the water?

Actually, all of these artifacts of electrolysis are present in this water. However, they do not deliver the MOST important benefit of ionized water, and they are NOT the reason for its health benefits; pH is not of primary importance, ORP is not of primary importance and micro-clustering is not really that important.

Yes, alkaline water is produced when you electrically charge it and there is an increase in hydrogen ions, as well as a micro-clustering effect, but new science shows that these phenomena do not deliver any major health benefits in and of themselves. What delivers the health benefits of charging water electrically is the amount of H2 molecules in the water and the water’s negative charge. We can talk more about the benefits of a negative charge at a later date.

H2 is also known as molecular hydrogen and is the substance that delivers a highly effective anti-oxidant property into animal cells. The H2 molecule is THE molecule responsible for delivering the benefits seen from ionizing alkaline water technologies.

For more information, I encourage you to visit, where Molecular Hydrogen Researcher Tyler LeBaron dispels the many myths used by marketers to sell overpriced ionization units.

ECH2O water ionizers were recently brought to market by industry experts here in the US, Japan and Korea to deliver the maximum amount of molecular hydrogen. ECH2O has been shown in studies to produce at least 2-4 times the molecular hydrogen of any unit on the market.

ECH2O also set out to remedy many other shortcomings of units on the market today, including high maintenance and poor pre-filtration performance.

The first big problem ECH2O solves is the need to regularly clean mineral scaling off of the plates in order to ensure optimal H2 production. This has been eliminated via a universal patented polarity-reversing technology.

Another problem has been the poor performance of pre-filters to deep clean the incoming source water. ECH2O utilizes a patented and very robust nine stage-filtration technology to adequately clean water of contaminants, fungus, heavy metals and more.

The greatest thing you will notice about the Echo Water Ionizers is an amazingly addictive taste. Craving more water is a common side-effect of this leaner, H2 rich water that has been shown to be 6 times more bio-available and better utilized than uncharged water.

Today there is no longer an excuse for drinking unfiltered contaminants and plastic byproducts while supporting major and minor soft drink manufacturing concerns. Producing the same clean, high-energy water with similar natural filtration and ionization as mother nature can be enjoyed right at your kitchen or office sink.

Click here to access a free e-book about the benefits of the Echo ionized water.

In summary, ECH2O water ionizers are amazingly advanced, and were purposely designed to deliver more molecular hydrogen while eliminating the many deficiencies in older plate units. No more cleaning of plates or suffering with less-than-optimal H2 production because of time constraints. ECH2O water units offer a truly robust nine-stage filtration system that is the best in the industry. Add a forever warranty on the complete unit (not just plates), free installation on over- or under-the-counter units and a price tag at $2395, and its easy to see why ECH2O has set the new standard for water ionizer technology and performance.

For under-the-counter applications, a high-technology touchpad control head is an attractive option at $2895, and includes a licensed contractor installation.

ECH2O Water Ionizers also offers affordable, low-interest financing and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For a free practitioner information packet, studies, or more in-depth information, please contact Rachael Oehring at 864-408-8320 Ext. 109.

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