Time To Revisit and Restore Gut Health

For the past 15 years, I’ve heard from so many of our long-term practitioners say, “If I clean up the gut and detox and support the liver/kidney axis, my patients begin to heal.”

I have to admit that these are two big pieces of the health puzzle. The GI tract is the way we introduce substances into the body, and the liver and kidneys have to eventually process everything that enters through the GI tract.

While many practitioners are able help patients in these areas, I usually see their choice of products come up short in terms of strength and effectiveness for various reasons. Marketing hype and glitzy programs can cloud the selection of what I term “simply effective, biologically compatible technologies”.

My blogging this summer will be aimed at covering the many basic teachings and products that sit at the top of Anova Health’s product technologies in the arena of enzyme therapy, probiotic selection, and liver, kidney and lymph drainage. After that, we will go deeper into some teaching on intracellular and cellular drainage.

Our sessions will begin with enzymes, as this is a very understood—yet still misunderstood—area.  Why did you choose your current enzyme  product over another? How do you critique your enzyme products for efficacy?  Do you have a way to determine what enzymes and in what strengths to suggest?

Our go-to company for enzymes is Transformation Enzyme Corporation, as they are still driven by full-time research and manufacturing as a long time specialtist in enzyme formulation.

Founded by Dr. Dicqie Fuller Looney in 1991, Transformation Enzyme formulas have proven themselves over time in both the digestive, systemic and specialty arena with powerful yet affordable products. It was Dr. Fuller who was the inspiration, formulation scientist and clinician for many spin off retail companies who also market in the Physician market today, including Enzymedica and ReNew Life. Tom Bohager in his first book called What The Enzyme Experts Know acknowledges that much of his early education in enzymes came from Dr. Fuller Looney.

For those of you not familiar with Transformation and their work in integrating diet, body typing and enzyme needs together in a cohesive teaching, we are offering Dr. Fuller’s latest book entitled The Healing Power of Enzymes as a primer for both Physicians and patients. This book outlines the gut-brain relationship, and the roles enzymes play in overcoming chronic illness. Find out why the four different body types need specific food and enzyme selection.

Because today’s hectic eating habits and cooking of proteins compromise digestion, there is a big need for enzymes when eating to accomplish two things:

1. Hydrolysis of cooked proteins to improve breakdown absorption and prevent putrefaction. Proteins help DNA repair hormones and tissue to be built. Amino acid deficiencies begin with the problem of cooked proteins.

2. To reduce the source of inflammation in the GI tract and systemically by cleaning the blood and lymphatic system, and as a preventative for leaky gut and a remedy along with proper diet changes.

These are just two of the most important things enzymes accomplish.

We recommend 1-2 capsules of TPP Digest with any cooked protein meal, and TPP Carbo-G for gluten intolerance remediation and prevention.

For systemic cleansing there, is no better formula than TPP Protease, with Peptidases Rated at 355,017 HUT and Bromelain at 600,000 PU. Dosing with this product is based on specific needs and clinical findings.

Please feel free to call us for a copy of Dr. Fuller’s book and our practitioner quantity discount pricing. The patient retail price is $29.95. This is an excellent read for practitioners and patients delivering a uniquely important message about the importance of a core enzyme program for health and anti-aging strategies.

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