What Comes Next? The Role of Regeneration Technologies

After you have your patient on a low-inflammatory diet and have removed offending food allergens, then what? Maybe you look for nutritional deficiencies and plug some of those holes; Innate Response’s high-nutrient, whole-food formulas have been my favorite line-up to start with for core supplementation.

After that, maybe you do a general or specific detox program, which is always important, because humans are in major need of heavy-metal, chemical and intestinal detoxification. Homeopathy is very important here, as well as systemic enzyme therapy.

Eventually, you will see results the longer a patient implements better and better choices and well-placed, targeted therapy for their unique constitution and health issues. Humans heal over time. Quick fixes are nice when they happen, but that is not the rule with degenerative conditions.

We all tend to like quick results, however, and we now have NEW regeneration technologies that allow us to begin to see quicker results. This is because nutrition and detoxification can only take us so far.  The next big issue is, “How fast can our bodies repair beginning at the cellular level?” and technologies that speed up the healing process are a big part of the future of nutritional medicine. About 5 years ago, I began to research, learn about, and begin to use what I now term “regeneration technologies”. For repairing joints, bone, ligaments and cartilage with an anabolic boost, I began to have great results with high grades of Avinotropin, which is a highly concentrated deer antler velvet extract.

I then discovered the amazing regeneration properties of embryonic oligopeptide proteins. Because of the power inherent in FGF (a relatively new discovery) and growth factors found in these extracts, along with the peptides, I was able to take another big step with patients. Today, we are able to modulate cortisol, DHEA, insulin, leptin and many factors affecting endocrine balance and tissue repair in a very broad-based, powerful way with AvinoCort.

AvinoCort is an amazing array of compounds extracted from the embryo of an avian egg taken in the ninth to tenth day of gestation. AvinoCort nutrient compounds are purified, and no egg proteins, other impurities or microbes can escape the purification and removal process. FGF is a very key component found in these extracts, since it is a nutrient humans do not receive in their diets. The only time FGF is available to a human is in its mother’s placenta. The FGF complex is one of the ingredients that accounts for the powerful adaptogenic affect of AvinoCort.

Recently, I began to use what I term a capstone targeted therapy to complement AvinoCort.  Medix4Life is a Russian technology that has an amazing track record in activating adult stem cells in specific tissues. This is becoming a very hot technology because of the ability of regulating proteins to far exceed the action of glandulars and any other types of nutritional regeneration technology.

In summary, if you would like to see your patients heal tissues and organs faster, consider Avinotropin, AvinoCort and Medix4Life target-specific products. Many of our top practitioners would feel lost without them now that they, too, have seen their own amazing results. We have had heart valves grow and repair, as well as retinas, corneas, kidneys and livers. I encourage you to give your patients’ bodies these new growth factors and regulating-protein communication messengers and watch the results. Practice just might become a lot more fun. Please feel free to call us at 888-309-5222 for more information, or help with integrating them into your protocols.

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