Enteriphyte For Pain and Anxiety: The Natural Solution

There may be no activity that you engage in for hours of your life more important than sleep. Pain can interfere with sleep and, without sleep, pain syndromes can get worse.

Last week, we discussed the use of Sleep Pro for reducing anxiety and promoting better sleep. Sleep Pro is a proven and effective combination of two herbs in a 5:1 high-quality product for reducing anxiety and relaxing the mind for effective sleep. Sleep Pro delivers the equivalent of 5.2 grams of dried herb.

Today we introduce two NEW products: Scullcap from EnteriPhyte and CaliQuil from Anova Health. These items can expand and deepen your clinical effectiveness for patient sleep issues.

Scullcap has anxiolytic, tranquilizing, sedative and antispasmodic properties and is considered to have restorative effects on the nerves. EnteriPhyte Scullcap delivers the equivalent of 2 grams of the dried herb from a 4:1 extract in the Nutrateric enteric delivery system.

Scullcap is indicated for anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms, cramps and nervous system burnout, while Sleep Pro relaxes the mind as a GABA-A agonist. Like Sleep Pro, Scullcap can also cross the blood brain barrier, but is considered an atypical sedative because of its activity not only on the GABA-A receptors, but also via the serotonin receptor 5-HT. Scullcap can achieve reduction in anxiety without sedation. This allows it to be used for anxiety during the day but also a great additive herbal for a broader sleep benefit if needed with Sleep Pro. Scullcap often can be used by many individuals as a relaxant and sleep aid by itself.

California Poppy, not to be confused with Opium Poppy, has anxiolytic and sedative properties. At low concentrations and dosages it is an anxiolytic. At higher doses, it is a very effective hypnotic for producing sleep in patients where pain is involved. CaliQuil is produced from a very high quality (and potency) strain of California poppy in a 5:1 extract concentration. Since the concentration and strength of California poppy in CaliQuil is sleep strength, it is not recommend for anxiety. CaliQuil can be used where pain prevents sleep, or when you need pain relief where an individual is not going to be operating machinery.

No two people are alike, and being able to rotate herbals or customize protocols for different people is necessary in actual clinical practice to ensure optimal results.

EnteriPhyte products are designed for 1-2 tablet or capsule therapy of high strength herbals.

The ability to layer powerful and specific herbal products provides for a wide range of options for sleep and pain relief. There are no side effects, rebound effects or contraindications unless combined with medications.

For complete protocols and safety precautions please login to Anova Health and go to the EnteriPhyte informational pieces.

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