Fat Loss and Hormonal Health – Estro Benefits for Women and Men

To continue our discussion on weight and metabolism from our last weight loss blog I would like to focus attention to an exciting new formula in the Divinci Benefits line called Estro Benefits.

This new formula incorporates much of the latest research and clinical experience combined with many of the best ingredients for nutritional support and specifically liver support for enhanced estrogen metabolism in both women and men.

Estro Benefits is a blend of DIM, Calcium D-Glucarate, Indol -3- Carbinol, Green Tea Extract (high in EGCG), HMRlignan, Trans-Resveratrol Vitamin E and Vitamin D.
Supplementation of DIM promotes the effective metabolism of estrogen by helping the body turn estradiol into helpful metabolites. These helpful metabolites can aid the body in resisting uncontrolled cell growth and the formation of tumors, effect bone health, and promote weight loss by encouraging healthy levels of the hormones that activate enzymes to stimulate lipolysis—the release of stored fat.

D-Glucaric acid is a natural substance found in fruits and veggies. We make small amounts in the body during a process called “glucuronidation” which is how our body scrubs itself clean. Calcium D-Glucarate or “glucarate” is the calcium salt of D-glucaric acid and this patented supplement helps our body keep toxins ‘packaged’ tightly so the bound up garbage can go through the digestive tract and get excreted. glucarate blocks the enzyme beta-glucuronidase thus supporting glucuronic acid conjugation.

Since hormone regulation by human biochemical intervention is a growing yet baby science/art, more than an exact science, it makes wonderful sense to protect the body from aromatization of testosterone.

Many toxic chemicals in our home and garage increase xenoestrogens which are estrogen-like man made chemicals. These estrogen mimics disrupt hormone balance in men and women. Calcium D- Glucarate facilitates estrogen removal, and improves estrogen by-product formation so it may ease prostate conditions, PMS and other hormonal concerns. D-Glucarate can potentially and has experientially shown many improvements in physique in men probably by reducing total estrogen load; meaning it can potentially lessen fluid retention and also reduce or reverse gynocemastia.

Derived from the Norway spruce, hydroxymatairesinol (HMRlignan™) is a direct enterolactone precursor dietary supplement standardized to contain 80,000 mg/100 g of lignans. It is a proprietary and patent protected product developed in Finland by Hormos Medical Corporation, and manufactured and marketed worldwide under license by Linnea, Switzerland. From their website at www.hmrlignan.com: Clinical research
An 8-week dose comparison pilot study was conducted in 22 postmenopausal women (natural or surgical menopause ≥1 year; age 50-75 years; BMI ≥25 and ≤35 kg/m2).1 Women were randomized into two groups – 36 mg/day and 72 mg/day doses of HMRlignan.

Daily hot flash diaries were completed throughout the study. Compared to baseline (pre-treatment), women taking 72 mg of HMRlignan™ per day had a significant reduction in the number of hot flashes after just 4 weeks (55%; p= 0.009). At 8 weeks, the mean reduction in daily hot flashes was 50% (p = 0.025). Women taking 72 mg/day noted 79% fewer severe hot flashes compared to baseline at week 4 (p < 0.001) and 80% fewer at week 8 (p < 0.001). No significant side effects or safety issues were identified in the study.

For more information on this clinically proven ingredient and study references you may find detailed information at the site www.hmrlignan.com.

For additional information on all of the ingredients in this highly effective formula that is a smart addition to a healthy aging supplementation program please see our Estro Benefits flyer.

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